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Greedy Milk Consortium Is Looking For Traders Full Research, And Free Hugs.


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We're currently a Storm clan looking to go Mountain. While this is a trade based clan, we also encourage clanmates to farm voids, mods, resources together, the traders find their treasures, and if you're not into that you will find yourself learning more about the game by running with us, and gathering gear, rare and common alike.


We do not force our members to grind events, we bear no allegiance to any alliance, and we're currently awaiting the dark sector content to flesh out before exploring those options.


Im not concerned about your mastery rank, or how good you are, after a few weeks you'll know everything you need to know.


TS server is coming, I'm just going to rent a commercial server until I figure out the port forward drama i'm having.


send a PM here, or in game, IGN: DirkDeadeye or one of my officers






can assist you in game if i'm out getting choked out in Jiu Jitsu class, or at work. :P

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