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Upcoming Oberon Change...


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i apologize if this is the wrong place, what i want to say feels more like feedback than anything so i'm putting it here.


so! with u14 out and about with a bunch of bugs being fixed having been fixed or going to be fixed, i have something to say about Oberon and whatever is in store for him. i need to start by saying Oberon is visually and conceptually my favorite warframe and i do really enjoy his abilities (in spite of lack of scaling on things). that said, the three most recent warframes are by far the best so far. practical abilities with interesting concepts. all three frames are easily some of my favorites. this kind of concept is something i would dearly enjoy seeing in Oberon.


so i have to ask that, rather than simply buffing his abilities or just tweaking him, de rework/redo Oberon's abilities with this recent warframe-ability-mindset you have shown as of late. why? because he is my favorite. he is also the only other healer in the game at the moment. it would be wonderful if Oberon could match trinity in terms of healing potential while also allowing him the ability to fight with the rest because, as it stands, he really can't do either all that well.


myself and others have previously made ability suggestions on possible abilities for Oberon if inspiration is what you need, though i think i would rather see pure DE poured into Oberon  ^_^


(on a completely irrelevant side note, i can't wait to use focus, the j3 golem fight [from what i know] sounds like it is going to be awesome, i completely love the quanta, and i look forward to seeing the mods visual change)

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