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Wts Various Parts, Mods And Blueprints

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Got a lot of things to sell to fund a few new weapons


PM me in game to discuss prices


Weapon parts


AKBRONCO Prime Link * 2

BRONCO Prime Barrel

BO Ornament * 2

BOAR Prime Full Set

BOLTOR Prime Stock

BRATON Prime Barrel

BRATON Prime Reciever

BRATON Prime Stock

BURSTON Prime Barrel * 2

BURSTON Prime Stock

DAKRA Prime Handle

FANG Prime Handle

LATRON Prime BP * 3

LATRON Prime Reciever * 2

LATRON Prime Stock

LEX Prime Barrel

ORTHOS Prime Blade * 2

ORTHOS Prime Handle * 2

PARIS Prime Grip * 3

PARIS Prime Lower Limb

PARIS Prime String * 3

REAPER Prime BP * 2



Warframe/Sentinel parts

EMBER Prime Chassis * 4

FROST Prime Chassis

FROST Prime Helmet * 2


MAG Prime Chassis * 3

RHINO Prime BP * 2

WYRM Prime Systems



Barrel Diffusion

Blind Rage


Coolant Leak

Fired Up

Jagged Edge

Narrow Minded

Pistol Pestilence * 2


Seeking Force * 2

Split Chamber * 2


Virulent Scourge * 3

Vicious Spread

Vital Sense * 2



Cleaving Whirlwind

Coiling Viper * 2

Crossing Snakes

Decisive Judgement

Seismic Palm * 2

Tranquil Cleave

Burning Wasp * 3

Sundering Weave

Swirling Tiger


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Hi I need some Prime parts and I offer 3 of my have list for 1 of the want list: 3:1


Feel free to add me in game or Steam



Rhino Prime Blueprint

Rhino Prime Chasis


Ember Prime Systems


Mag Prime Helmet


Boltor Prime Blueprint

Boltor Prime Receiver


Have (several of each):

Akabronco prime Blueprint

Ankyros Prime gaunlet

Boltor Prime Barrel

Branton Prime Barrel

Braton Prime Blueprint

Braton Prime Stock

Dakra prime blade

Dakra Prime Handle

Ember Prime Chasis

Ember Prime Helmet

Fang Prime Blade

Frost Prime Helmet

Frosto Prime Systems

Glaive Prime Blueprint

Glaive Prime Blade

Latron Prime Barrel

Latron Prime Receiver

Lex Prime Barrel

Mag Prime Blue Print

Mag Prime Chasis

Mag Prime systems

Orthos Prime Blueprint

Orthos Prime Handle

Orthos Prime Lower limb

Reaper Prime Blueprint

Reaper Prime Handle

Rhino Prime Systems

Sicarus Prime Blueprint

Sicarus Prime Barrel

Sicarus Prime Receiver

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