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Warframe Crashes While Testing


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Good morning, afternoon, and goodnight everyone.


I have been having this issue every time I play Warframe. When I try to rank up my Warframe with the skill of mastery test, the game automatically logs me out every time to do so. I could play other missions, but it specifically logs me out when I try to rank up. It has happened to me five times now and it is getting annoying.


Here's the details. 

I a trying to go from rank 9 to 10 and I have lowered every single setting on the graphics in-game and still no success.


Any suggestions, people?

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I had the same problem tonight as well.. is really disappointing and annoying... it happen when I try to rank up, soon as I click it I get the loading screen then it go's back to my ship.. rank didn't go up and I didn't even get to do the test.. now I have to wait for 12 hours to do the test again FML. .. hope the Developer can fix this..

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