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I Can't Use My Melee Anymore


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As the title says, whenever I try to use my melee attack nor do a melee combo, my char does nothing, and I already did try putting the keys back to default it shows * as the key binding in my configuration whenever I press * it still does nothing whenever I try to change the key binding same result nothing happens. Also, I did try pressing all keys just to see if it is binded somewhere and no .. I just can't use it anymore. How can I use my melee again?

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Melee can become glitched for various reasons. My first question would be. Did you try relogging?


If restarting the client doesn't work. then:


start the Updater, in the upper right will be settings (the gear looking icon), select that and choose verify cache. 

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Yea I did relog the first time I thought it was just some bug, but it turns out to be a permanent bug on me.

hmm would it work if you changed the .cfg file? I guess you could have mine but check that


Also yeah try the above, restarting pc and other things :)

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