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Wts - Gorgeous Tall Bulky Huras With Gold/orange Lotus And Black Body (2X Imprint)

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Auction Closed!



More Pictures





This is Nymeria, and she's a beauty.


Type: Huras

Color : 2x black, 2x orange/gold

Eyes: Bright Orange

Pattern: Lotus

Size: Tall

Build: Bulky/Muscular


(Selling 2x imprint of this Kubrow)

Starting Bid: 350p

Buyout: 1000p - Knackie


Auction ends Friday August 8 at server reset (8:00 EST)

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Off Topic question: did you use imprints for this kubrow or did a random hatch?


This Kubrow was made from two different imprints one of a striped kubrow with a black body and orange stripes (3x black, 1x orange) the other a lotus kubrow with blue and orange stripes and white body (1x blue, 1x orange, 2x white), and this was the result. XD I would've peed myself if it were random, but alas no it wasn't.

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