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De, Please Remove The Friendship Doors.

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Actually I do. Unless you're magically getting them to cease to exist in your game you are being affected the same way I am (even in solo) with the potential exception of the specific feelings that I experience when subjected to the effect. Some people are indifferent, some people are trolls, some are like me. But regardless of their feelings towards the doors, the main issue with them persists. 

I really see no issue with the doors (they do not affect anything whatsoever in the grand scheme of Warframe, even when I have to be analytical). It could be your style of gameplay, seeing that you like to rush (if all your posts in this thread are of any indication). That, I see, is why you think these doors are hindering you (needing to wait for at least another player to catch up). 


While I do see the doors as an attempt to get the team back together (and that is the reason for its appearance in the game), it is not effective. It would need an improvement or tweak, not removal, to make it effective. 

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If you did read it, you clearly didn't comprehend it. Your summary was way off base. Who did I avoid? I have even directly addressed DSpite despite his/her hostility.


How does me being a teamplayer (which I am when paired with like-minded players) cause me to not notice the unnecessary pause in gameplay?


Edit: I'm heading to sleep.


No, you didn't. The first pages you just restated the orange written part to those asking why you don't play solo.


You didn't answer me directly, instead you gave me the confirmation by saying you are a teamplayer in an even-minded team.


Meaning the exact same thing I accused you: That you are only a teamplayer if you can have it your way, and that is not a real teamplayer, I'm sorry.


If you were a real teamplayer, you would not abandon your team no matter what, thus reaching those doors togethet, thus removing waiting time.


So I assume your play is like this: Look if team rushes, beeing happy, team don't rush, you ignore them and even coming to forum whining about those S#&$ty doors.


To make it worse, you create polemic arguments to justify your mindsetting like:


Those doors don't help anyways...

They don't contribute to fluent gameplay...

They make the game boring and so on.


There were numerous people trying to tell you this. I just happened to be more direct.

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Thread seriously derailled. Please, PLEASE, remember that respecting each other's opinion is the key here. Even if you're not agreeing. So please again keep your post clean of all agressive note !


Locking. I don't want to clean up that mess. OP can make another thread if he wants, I'll watch it carefully.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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