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My Arcane Helmet Disappeared After Using It Once In A Mission


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So, what happened was... i had just made the arcane chorus helmet and put in on my banshee. I then went into a mission just to kinda test it out and when the mission was done, my regular banshee helmet was on, and when i checked to see if the arcane helmet was there , it wasnt but the regular chorus helmet WAS ... (not the arcane helmet)... what do i do..

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You can't craft arcane helmets since ages ago.

I know cos I have a lot of arcane bps sitting in my inventory, and I can only craft the non arcane ones from my foundry.

You can still build them.


You can just only /have/ one built one at a time.  So if you already have an Arcane Vanguard (for example) you cannot build a second one.  If you trade the built one away, then you can build another.

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ow wait... was i not supposed to use the conversion bp if i wanted the stats on the helmet?? .-. oh man


Why would you even have CONSIDERED using that?


What were you THINKING?




What were you expecting to happen?  The blueprints clearly remove the arcane quality/stats from the helmet.

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