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Warframe In First Person


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Greetings Tenno


Here is a bug that I managed to "enable" today doing a solo run on a alert that was 2 minutes to go, I made some food and paused the game within this alert to save it from going away. When food is done and I come back, this happens;


(It's preferred to say it's a First Person"ish" Shooter view, as it is a bug and not intended to be it is quite fun to play with.)


Myth Busted about solo only (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/267031-warframe-in-almost-first-person-view/)



How it happened? See the end of the video, but my theory is simple and its quite obvious on how this came about.


Go solo - go into corner - pause (esc) - come back and press esc again - camera sphere locked to the location of witch the game got paused in. The camera Sphere dont reset to original position of where it should be when this occours. Here is a little picture to give you a thought of how it looked in my mind:



So my real question is this; would this be possible in the future? I understand the work might be put behind ant that it would not look as good as we think. But here is a good example on how it does look now. After playing like this, I have mixed feelings upon something. Because I really enjoyed it. I saw potential upon other things, go from where you stand in FPS view and ask yourself, what are the possibilities towards other great maps? Modes? Other things this can expand the universe itself. Player ships FPS? Vehicles? I dont know, but this made me think of how it could be in the future if this does deside to come. As I say in the video skyrim has a prime example of how this could be executed. A scroll wheel function to the camera, scroll in to FPS view, scroll out to the 3rd person view. And thats where the other ideas came into mind, imagine what that little addition to the game can expland. Imagine!!

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Now gathering more clues to recreate this feature...  ._.)a




Awesome! I tried to find a post about this without luck, im glad we posted about the same thing, in the same sub forum.

(how i missed that one) 


This bug will possibly be fixed due to some intense stress situations it can create and it is not intended at all. But it's nice to see really, it makes you wonder on how things could be expanded with this little addition. Perfect or not, I quite enjoyed the game with it like that. 

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I believe they were talking about 1st person in the last livestream... Or it at least seemed like it.


Dev steam 34? With Pablo and Dorian? I may not have seen it all, thats why I dont have a relation towards that being said. If you may, do you have a timestamp for it? Or I might as well take the time to watch the whole stream later today. 

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