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Warframes Can Trade Powers With Each Other (Picture Proof)


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The question is, how did you manage that? 


Makes you wonder what is to be, because u14 have had some of the coolest bugs roaming the streets lately. First perosn, ability swap, flying the ship in load screen. What next? 

This bug/exploit/whatever is achieved by being captured by the Harvester. Then you abort the mission and let your loadout be locked. Now, when you go to rescue your captured Warframe, your Warframe and weapons will have the EXACT same mod loadout as the loadout you had equipped in your player ship. What this means is that my Ember got the EXACT same loadout as my Valkyr, giving her Hysteria, ripline, Warcry, you name it. My Silva and Aegis got the same loadout as my Fang, giving it the Gnashing paraya stance. My Ignis got the same loadout as my vectis and so on.


Best part about this bug however? Ember with Hysteria claws @_@

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