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Energy Color Desaturation


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So, I've had something of a pet peeve with Warframe energy colors that I wanted to address. At some recent point I don't really recall, bright energy colors started to become... whiter... in Warframe abilities.


I assembled a few examples, utilizing the brightest red from the Halloween color pack (because it was essentially the brightest red I'd found when it came out, nearly matching the reds on sealed lockers). The image gallery can be found here.


I forgot to add images of Penta and Supra using the same energy color:



Note that the glows on Supra's body and Penta's grenades are almost a pink, contrasting the blood red coming off of Nova's back-pylons and the Eos shoulderpiece. Even the Quantum badge has some visible streams of white towards its center.


Could we see some of that intensity returned to Warframe abilities, maybe some of the whitish glow removed? It's unfortunate that no matter what shade of red I pick, it always comes off more pink than anything else.

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