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Mirage + (Crit Weapons[Soma In My Case])


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(I don't know if this is the right section to post this, but here it is :D)

anyway. Here's the problem(or bug/glitch i don't know xD)

When I host games I can't do heavy damage to enemies and it seems that even with Mirage's Eclipse(3rd skill) and Hall Of Mirrors(1st skill)it doesn't increase the weapon's damage, like Soma xD


But when i am not the host, i can do 30k-120k (red crits, but now it seem that this is gone). However, I can still do 15k-70k crit damage from Soma when i join randoms, of course when HoM and Eclipse is active.


Is this a glitch?


glitch in damage multiplier when joining randoms that could deal huge amount of damage?


glitch in damage multiplier when hosting that doesn't improve weapon's damage?


(bad english sorry XD)

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Hall of Mirrors is massively bugged WHEN NOT HOSTING.


But I have to admit... its pretty fun.


One shotting Vor with the penta without triggering his invincibility mechanic on Mercury is kinda lulzy.


Also, 2.5billion crits on Dread for NO apparent reason. >->;

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I tried this with a crit build on the Amprex (150% crit).  When I am the host I have seen it do red crits for over 20,000.  When I'm not the host, the damage is in the normal range (max around 4,000) and I see much fewer red crits than expected.


From what I've seen, I am guessing that the clones DO NOT critical hit if you are not the host.

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