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Auction Starting:very Rare Dark Crimson Black King Of Raksa Kubrows .follow This Topic And Don´t Lose His News! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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                                                                 [CLOSED] - Topic reposted - SOLD to Farren



-Obs:The imprints of Ranzo are sold only together (2)


A fabulous Raksa Kubrow with a rare combination of colors and patterns .He can be your best soldier and companion at the most dificult missions .His name is Ranzo and he can be yours ,take a look ,draw your own conclusions .Ranzo is a rare species that is not seen around for a long time.The Dark Crimson Black King of Raksa Kubrows !




-Color:Black and Red

-Patterns:Red Lotus ,V-Mark and Stripes over his body





-Imprints available: 2


-Pictures that prove current offerings in this link:http://imgur.com/G8TxRi9&AF8rZTg&IH8PgiQ&bCIRvnr&kV6FwOX


-Starting Bid:400 PL

-Current Bid:500 PL -ZET-KayShy

-Current Bid:600 PL Clovet

-Current Bid:700 PL -ZET-KayShy

-Current Bid:750 PL Clovet

-Current Bid:1000 PL -ZET-KayShy

-Current Bid:1100 PL Clovet

-Current Bid:1200 PL torfx

-Current Bid:1230 PL Germinale

-Current Bid:1250 PL torfx 

-Current Bid:1300 PL Germinale

-Current Bid:1330 PL torfx

-Current Bid:1400 PL Germinale

-Current Bid:1430 PL torfx

-Current Bid:1450 PL




-Buyout : The offer of Buyout of 2600 PL of the bidder Farren is the Highest at the moment .To make it fair to all participants of this auction, If anyone is able to offer more in at most 30 minutes, after that ,Ranzo will be considered sold to Farren .


-SOLD to Farren!


-This Auction ends in 4/5(Countdown) days or if someone Buyout.

-Purposes only through message.

-Bids only here in the topic.

-Happy Bidding!

-Pictures bellow:







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Or you could just...You know, post an exact date in the thread?


Is difficult for me because I do not have much understanding of spindles ,so here's the best I can at the moment .The auction will end in 84 hours ,or if you prefer in 3 days and 12 hours .

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