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Trading/selling Prime Pieces

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-Prime Pieces That I Have-


- (x2) Akbronco Prime BP


- Ankyros Prime BP


- Ankyros Prime Blade 


- Bo Prime BP


- Bo Prime Ornament 


- Bronco Prime BP


- Ember Prime Chassis BP


- Ember Prime Helmet BP


- Fang Prime Blade


- Frost Prime Chassis BP


- Frost Prime Helmet BP


- Glaive Prime Disc 


- (x2) Latron Prime BP


- (x2) Latron Prime Receiver 


- Latron Prime Stock


- Mag Prime BP


- (x2) Mag Prime Chassis


- Paris Prime BP


- (x3) Paris Prime Lower Limb


- Paris Prime Upper Limb


- (x4) Paris Prime System



-Prime Pieces That I Want-


- Braton Prime Barrel


- Braton Prime Receiver


-Braton Prime Stock


Or Plats will be good tho


IGN : Aresou

Edited by Aresou
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