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My Silva & Aegis Build



So recently, I decided to get a Silva & Aegis and mod it. I watched some build recommendations but I didn't have the mods to follow them. So what I did was try to make my own. Tell me the flaws of my build, I would really like to know what is wrong with my build. I tried combining Corrosive and Gas, but it didn't work



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You can only use different elemental mods to make elemental combos, if you put two shock damage mods on even if they aren't adjacent they will still add to whatever combined element is utilizing shock damage. Wish they'd change that so you could do any combination of combo elements. Would love to have Gas and Corrosive damage on a weapon.


Aside from that, I'd recommend getting rid of one of your combo elements. It makes the weapon more versatile at the cost of damage output.


Also, max out Killing Blow because... reasons.

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