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I'm Hitting Mr 17 (Aka Silver Eagle) Right Now, So...


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Where's my "Silver Eagle" challenge and Steam achievement? :D




I also wonder whether "Savior of Earth" challenge will get fix or not, by the way, killing new Hek for almost 20 times now, seems like that ain't gonna work.

Some challenges still kinda broken as well ("Mercenary" kept stucking at 95000 cred, never increase no matter how many times Invasion missions give me the battle pay. "Shield Saver" keep looping, never hit 1000 times at all.)


End of report.

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Man, looking at the stats list really makes me disappointed that stats don't carry over to PS4 when account migration was live last week. I loved looking at all my stats from time to time on PC, but when I migrated that account to PS4, only the stats I accumulated on PS4 were being shown. That really sucks man. 

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Most steam achievements are broken.


In earlier version of UI, rank achievements shows up almost as soon as I finished my test, so I assume it has something to do with UI, thus, that's why I wrote the report here.

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