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Raid Missions


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No, this won't be the old raid mission type in which we needed to ''fetch a artifact and extract''. This will be something completely different.


Yesterday I posted a screenshot on this topic: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/282650-has-anyone-encountered-this-already-5-players-in-a-game/




Later a user called 'Jennibear' quoted the picture and typed this:


now i want raids lol


This gave me an idea of these missions. Why don't we have some extremely hard missions, with huge and very challenging enemies? Something like a mission full of level 100-150 enemies with squads containing 10-20 Tenno? Multiple boss fight in each missions for extreme challenge and most importantly, fun. Going through those missions would require a lot of team work and very high-tier weapons and Warframes, which would make Forma'ing our guns actually worth it. The enemies we currently have melt too easily against 6-Forma Somas and Amprexes.


At the end of each missions, the Tenno would be rewarded with massive amounts of credits and resources, as well as a chance to obtain some unique weapons BPs, which are only available from the Raid missions.

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