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Solar Rail Conflict Bug~~~


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when in the game.... the game is running smoothly.... but after we finish and complete the mission we been reward such a bunch of a rare mod.... THE MASSAGE SHOW OUR REWARD THAT HAVE BEEN COMPLETE THE MISSION.... when i reach at the ship.... THERE NO SHOWING A MASSAGE OF REWARD... ive check back my recent mod... THERES NO MODS THAT I GOT FROM THE MASSAGE THAT HAVE SHOWING ME AT THE MISSION... ive been enter the solar rail conflict 4 times... not even 1 i get the mod... and my squad tell me he get alot of rare mods... we join the starting the game until complete.... only my squad got the mod... im didnt own anything... ive been join the solar rail conflict before... i get alot of the rare mods....but in this day... it make me strange about it...


this picture just shows theres no massage of the reward after back from the solar rails conflict mission...


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im think.... it the same problem with this... our another player that having same problem but different mission


i already captuer by alad v,now i want my tenno back and all my thing...but after i get to extraction point to finish this mission,i cant get back all the things(tenno,primary weapon,melle weapon,secondary weapon and my power)...the game just tell me that it cant update my mission or something like that...already done this too many time...please help me to get my tenno back..A.S.A.P!!!




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