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Warframe | Road To Master Youtube Series


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Hello There Tenno,


I'm Tekks27 of Youtube and Warframe, so obviously it makes sense that I make content based off of this game. My first series (which in my eyes has been a success) is a Road To Master, where I go through the game; learning all the ins and outs of Warframe.


If you are a fellow fan or Warframe; which I assume you are seen as though you're on the forum, then I'd like you to come along and check it out, I've already got the first 5 episodes out and ready for viewing in HD now!


Here they are........


Part 1 - Hittin' The Road (To Master)


Part 2 - What To Expect


Part 3 - Get Involved



Part 4 - Welcome To My Lair (2.0)



Part 5 - What Should I Buy?



So, if you'd be so kind as to show your support and leave those all important likes on the video (and maybe subscribe if you're interested), that'd be much appreciated and I'll look forward to seeing you around the channel and maybe playing some Warframe with you one day! :D


Thank you, Tekks27.

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