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Spy Mission Data Terminals Falling Through Floor.


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So I was just doing a Spy mission on Vesper (Mars), and everything was going smoothly, until I put the data terminals that I had collected down for a moment to take out a camera... And all the terminals I had (3 of the 4) fell through the floor and became impossible to pick back up...


I would have a picture, but I didn't realize at the time that I needed all 4 of the terminals to finish the mission, so I figured it wasn't a big deal and went on my way. However, when moving about 3 meters away from where I put them down, it would give a little indicator saying "9M" on the floor, but standing on the exact spot that the indicator says they are, it would rapidly change, going up. The highest it reached before I walked away was about 1,500 meters straight down from where I was standing.


If it happens again, I'll take a screen shot and update the thread, but either way, I figured I would explain that it was happening (I will include the minimap and a good location indicator if it happens again, so the exact spot that it's happening is found).

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