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[Open Ic, Might Be 18+] Ask Excalibur, Nekros, Valkyr And Nyx [Guest: Konzu]


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Welcome Tennos to "Ask Excalibur, Nekros, Valkyr and Nyx"

Inspired by https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/229095-ic-18-grineer-and-corpus-unmasked-you-ask-they-answer-now-whit-60-more-inuendos/. I have decided to allow you guys or girls ask my version of how Excalibur, Nekros, Valkyr and Nyx would answer your questions. To get you an idea of how the character are, I will give you some short bios about Excalibur, Nekros, Valkyr and Nyx:


Excalibur (Name: Arthas):

* He is nice towards other Tennos

* Willing to help if someone is in danger(even if it means risking his own life)

* Can also be a great leader if the opportunity presents it (he will however not steal it, if someone else is the leader).

* Prefer to use melee weapons over guns


Nekros (Name: Fang): 

* Can be on the creepy side

* He usually likes to work by himself (Even though his "skills" is more suited to support others in battle)

* Can from time to time, switch to a second personality (from "regular" Nekros, to "sick-evil-scary" Necros)

* Has a hobby of painting skulls, from all of the factions (except the orokin void)


Valkyr (Name: Erida):

* Has managed (almost) to control her anger

* Works at a Kubrow Kennel

* Kind to Tennos, mean to the enemies

* Do not like tennos who stare at her behind. Those who do that will get punched or worse if caught by Valkyr


Nyx (Name: Luna)

*Friendly as Arthas, but she can also manipulate other for her own or others needs (you don't say Captain Obvious)
*Likes to hang around with her friends and other female tennos
*She can be a little shy with new tennos, who she hasn't met yet. Unless she has a close friend to aid her
* Likes to paint on her spare time, technique doesn't matter, she can do pretty much every type of artstyle pretty well. She prefer to draw with pen or using a paintbrush as her favorite type of creating art.


Ask anything, but remember to keep it "clean" and non-sexuall.

One more thing; this is the color that the characters will use when they "speak"










Guest star:


One last thing(even if I already said that once, in a similar way): Might not be so active as some might think, so the time when I will answer your question, may take some time or not. Depends if I'm on the forums or not(you know, real life stuff and such..).

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Sometimes yes, but I know that he just do if for fun, but not always I'm afraid[/color}




Both yes and no, can't decide if I like ember or nyx more.


Not interest. I always thought that love is pointless and distracting

Really Necros? no one you like very much?

Even if I had one, I would not share with you and yes, that means also you Excalibur

*sighs at Necros with a disappointed look* you really like to keep your feelings to yourself...

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Maybe....but I believe that "Mr.grumpy" here is secretly hiding his love interest

Cut that out or you will wish that you never said that nickname *Necros is starting to getting angry*

Whoa!! *Excalibur got a jump scare from Necros sudden mood change*.... chill out, I was just joking with you. I totally respect your private life and if you want me to stop, I will stop

Good and if you ever push my boundaries again, you will regret it!

I will keep that in mind and don't worry, it won't happen again

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(Last one before I go to sleep)




Cpt.vor is evil and ever since he tried to control me with this "controlling device", i did not like him a bit. But I defeated him once and if I found him again in the void, I will defeat him once and for all, and of course for the balance of the galaxy. My opinion on Alad V: He is crazy psychopath who needs to be stopped, before his "improved infested army" is released on our solar system.

Cpt.vor is a coward for hiding in the void and when I find him, he will wish that he never tried to capture my buddy Excalibur. What I think about Alad V? Somewhat similar to Excalibur, but unlike Excalibur here, If I ever found out were that coward of a ex-council corpus member is hiding. Well, lets just say that I won't go easy with him and most likely tear him up until there is nothing but a destroyed corpse left

That is messed up Necros, sometime I wonder why I'm friend with you

What can I say? I *bleep* love to kill my enemy, to then resurrect as my personal minion

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(For real this time, I need some sleep)'




I don't really know, Maybe because I don't really eat that much or I'm having so much fun "playing" with my undead minions, that I never really thought of how I take care of my body. For the record: I do not care how I look, I think that this "thin grim reaper look" makes me look terrifying and you are probably the only I know who likes me as a "rolemodel" or "hero"

Be glad that you atleast have one or more. Myself I don't mind be looked up to. After all; I like to help other tennos to become stronger or to help them understand our world better, by sharing my knowledge

I'm fine with that, but too much attention is never good. I personally don't want to become "famous". I prefer to be infamous or unknown. The only "fans" I want is my own minions

*sigh* you haven't change that much since we first meet(in a non-homophobic way)

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That one is easy to answer; my favorite ability is Shadow of the dead. Sometimes I like to sing part of a song that I found fitting

And what might that be then, if I have to ask?

~Come my minion, rise for you master, let your evil shine~

Isn't that part of a song from an animated movie?

Doesn't matter, found that song when I was bored searching the galactic internet

Right.......let's go with that explanation

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I prefer alternative rock and sometimes dubstep

Never thought that you liked rock. I'm also into rock, but more heavy metal and hard rock. Sometimes even gothic music

Do you like gothic because you are a necromancer?

Just because I'm a necromancer, doesn't it mean that I have to like a specific type of music. It was a while ago I even listen to gothic music

Whatever you say Necros

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Valkyr can nice, but If I must be honest, she scares me a little bit with her fury against corpus. Hydroid is a nice fella, even though he really can't let go of his pirate accent and acting, which can be slightly annoying after a while and then we have Zephyr; she has a great sense of humour and lighten up the mood if someone feels depressed

I think that Valkyr is pretty ok, Maybe her anger issue can make her scary, but I'm not scared of her. The only one who could scare me is probably he-who-should-not-be-named. Hydroid is ok I suppose, not found of his pirate theme, the only thing I like about him is probably his ultimate ability, because that ability is pretty deadly. I think that Zephyr can talk to much and sometimes she gets on my nerves. You don't want to be near me when I'm on my bad side

I can confirm that, he can even become scarier than he-who-shall-not-be-named, I have seen it with my own eyes on the battlefield and in our dojo, not a pleasant sight to behold

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It is not a unicorn horn and even if it was, there is no such thing as magic in our world

I now know how to annoy you *small evil chuckless*

Great, now Necros will call me "pretty unicorn princess" for weeks

Thanks for that idea. You have no idea how much I am going torture you with that nickname *his evil chuckle's becomes louder*

Dammit Necros!

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Maybe because when I'm not on missions, I get bored and want to do something. Excalibur said that some meditation would help me "calm down" and keep my "mood swings" in control, but I doubt that it will work

That's because you haven't tried it yet and if you are so "bored", maybe it is time to get a hobby

Doesn't resurrecting the dead count as a hobby?

No Necros, it does not count as a hobby. Since you have some difficulty to find one, maybe I should help you find one. What do you say?

As long as it is not something "cute". Just thinking of something cute makes me want to puke blood

So you are Saying that you are not falling for the cuteness of a Kubrow?

Even Kubrow "cuteness". I see the kurbrow as loyal companion who will fight with the tenno, side by side. Not like some cute, cuddle pet

Talk about being heartless...

You can say whatever you think about me, it does not change who I am. "Cute" stuff is not my thing

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Be calm, take a deep breath and be careful in your word choice, so that it won't become more awkward than it probably is

OR if you want to gamble with your luck, do the same behavior back to her and see the result

You know that it will be your fault if he choose your "solution" and fails with it

What is the point of taking the "safe" solution, when you can be creative and have fun at the same time, if you don't take the safe choice

We don't want to get nemesis here Necros, we just want to be kind and reasonable to these tennos

You really have to let yourself go out of that "nice guy" shell and start to become more "alive", otherwise you are going to miss all the fun

I can have fun, the problem is that your kind of "fun" can be dangerous to other

I think that they get the point, we should probably let the other tennos have chance to ask us some questions

I guess that conversation went on for too long

Indeed it did, indeed it did......

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Any kind of healthy stuff, need to keep my shape for battles. Don't want to come to a battle as a fatass

Of course you would pick healthy stuff. I prefer meat over greens, I especially like meat pies. I mean, who does not like pies?




Didn't we already answer that one before? No matter, I will just repeat what I said before; love for me is pointless and distracting

Can't really decide between Ember or Nyx, both have their good and bad "traits"  and yes Necros, we did actually answer this question once before

Just want to be sure that I was correct

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Yeah, plenty of times have I meet the stalker and even if I survive most of his "encounter", he still scares me

Whenever I meet the stalker, I defeat him only with my Reaper prime and let me tell you, he get really mad when I do that. It always crack me up when he gets really angry, because of his loss against me

You know that you will regret for laughing at him, right?

I know, but he got to come up with a better strategy in other to kill me




Invites some friends, getting some fitting party music and more party stuff, then we will rock n roll all night

I see what you did do there

Did what? Explain what I "did do there"

Didn't you notice? You sir did a reference to the old age famous rock band Kiss and the song you referred to the song was "Rock and Roll all Night"

Did not notice that. I Swear, it was not intentional

Right.....like you didn't do that on purpose

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