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Ended - Megalodon - Max Height, Max Muscle, Black+Red+Blue Raksa X2

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SOLD - B1llionaire 


Hello once again people, I have for auction a kubrow that is the definition of a BIG; a bear reincarnation of the Megalodon. Words do little justice:






Auction Ends on the 9th of August 2014 11:00pm GMT+1



Type: Raksa

Gender: Female

Eyes: Red

Muscle: MAX Bulky

Height: MAX Tall

You are bidding on both imprints.


Minimum bid increment is 50p.


Starting Price: 300p


Buyout Price: 600p


Current Bid:

300p Germinale


Reason for high buyout:

Tons of interest

Rare colour combo

can breed+resell/crossbreed

Definition of perfect breeding material

Max height+muscle+Raksa (for those Role players)


P.S can add more screenshot if needed


My Previous Finished Auctions (Rep):








My Current Auctions:

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