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Founders Program Improvements?


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Hi, I buy into a lot of founders programs for free to play games: Mechwarrior Online, Planetside 2, End of Nations (which was refunded when that game was canceled). I love the concept of founders programs, it's a great way to "preorder" a free to play game, and it's really cool to get stuff for being in on a game early, that other players won't be able to get. With that said, the founders program tiers for Warframe, especially at $20 and $50, just aren't very good.

The $20 one is a joke, it's listed as giving $20 of hard currency, and a forum badge, and is a "$25 value!" a forum badge is $0 value. You would expect some extra hard currency for buying in early, and some sort of in-game thing, too. Generally I avoid game-specific message boards, I have a few online communities I already participate in, and we talk about the games we like there.

The $50 founders package is the one I would most likely buy, but an alternate skin for a starting Warframe isn't very exciting. At the $60 founders package in Mechwarrior Online, the equivelant item to this, the "Founders" mech, comes with a lifetime boost to soft currency earnings when using it, and the whole package included two months of free premium time, providing an even bigger boost to soft currency. This was a great package, and I really am glad I purchased it. The hard currency provided was also a slightly bigger upgrade, too, with 133% more hard currency than put in, instead of the 120% offered in this package. Also, there being only one variant of the "Prime" bonus Warframe makes the package less interesting for our group. If four people in our playgroup all bought in at the $50 level, play sessions would be far less interesting with four of the same warframe running around.

So I guess what I'm saying is, tell me there's some lifetime soft currency boost associated with the $50 bonus Warframe, and add in a choice of warframes at that founders package level instead of just the Excalibur, and you'll definitely get a bunch of founders program purchases from those of us who play on our Ventrilo server.

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Maybe make a Prime shop for the founders where you can get the Prime version of each gear. Prime Ash, Prime Snipetron, Prime Gorgon etcetera would be nice ^^

Maybe an idea for developing new prime weapons: when you swap to your prime weapon, the weapon actually "builds itself" first before you can use it. I had this idea from Halo 4 (the Promethean weapons) and since Warframe is a sci-fi shooter like Halo, why not suggest this idea? :D

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