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Update X: My Concepts For A Future Update (Additions & Reworks)

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Note: This thread is long, but I believe it would be a worthwhile read for everyone on the forums. Some of my ideas are not new, but each is thoroughly explored, and feedback is always welcomed.


Introduction: My Experience and Your Mission


JKEEPITJY, PETTO. Greetings, Tenno.


Throughout my experience in Warframe, I've seen the game change for the better and worse. I've been around for a while; I started playing around Easter 2013. Before I get into my concepts, let me explain my goal: I want to convince you that the additions and reworks in this thread are noteworthy, and, with your help, we can work them into finalized concepts which DE will enjoy reading and hopefully implement into the game.


You should note, as you read this, I'm a game developer in the making, and am constantly seeking ways to make this collection of concepts as down to Earth as possible. As you read this post, take note on which features you'd like to see implemented, and if you would change them, how? Also take note of any inconsistencies or workarounds for players, so that the ideas you see appear to DE as finalized concepts.

Thanks for your time, Tenno.


Volume I: Reskins and Reworks


Glaive 2.0: The Proto-glaive

Existing Thread (Dead): https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/280816-glaive-20-a-major-draw-for-vets/


If you've played Dark Sector (the "prequel" to Warframe), you probably know where this is going. With the release of the proto-armor skin, which is a port of Hayden Tenno's armor, the dS fan inside of me exploded with joy. But something was missing, and left an empty dS fan inside of me. There was no proto-glaive to match the proto-armor! 


My suggestion is simple: a port of the old glaive skin (and sound effects, if possible) to match the proto-armor skin. The old design felt/sounded so much better. Even some remaining Lasrian troopers agree it tasted better. 


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 1 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


A New Nemesis: Nyx Skin

As an old Dark Sector player, I was excited when I found Nyx in Warframe. Much like the Glaive, it resembled aspects of the predecessor I missed (*cough cough* Nadia Sudek *cough*); and, with the release of a skin which practically ported Hayden Tenno's armor, I immediately imagined a port of Nemesis from dS.


My idea: A port of Nadia Sudek's "Nemesis" armor from Dark Sector.


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 2 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


The Darker Days of Warframe: The Old Ambience vs The New

Exisiting Thread (Old): https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/277197-the-darker-side-of-warframe-follow-up/

Related Thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/245380-infested-lighting/


When I was a wee Mag at Rank 0, Warframe seemed a lot darker. I say darker for lack of a better term; some have said "mysterious", but I feel that is the wrong word. No, I do not mean dark as in loaded with gore, blood, and labyrinths. It is my belief that the mood of the game has changed via a change in the environmental lighting and coloring.


If you take a look at the related thread above, the infested provide a great example. Now, Warframe features a red mist in the background of infested tilesets, as well as what appears to be a duller contrast. This has not only made Warframe less interesting in general (because the infested feel less...terrifying), but has completely changed the mood of the gameplay. 


My suggestion: change the red mist to a black or near-black shade, and change the default contrast setting. I would not suggest this, except the old Warframe felt so much better! Not to mention the flashlights in infested missions have little to no purpose; we can already see!


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 3 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


A Serious Side: The Ridiculousness of Newer Frames Compared to Old

If you're a veteran like me, you know what I'm talking about. The community seems divided on this topic, and I thought it'd be worth bringing up. Mirage's abilities are a joke, in my opinion. If I were a Grineer trooper, I would be dead - because I'd be laughing as the clown-frame launched a disco ball that shot rainbow lasers.


Consider Banshee, and older frame: had her abilities gone the same route as Mirage's, she would summon boomboxes from the walls and make the Grineer dance to death (Don't get any ideas, DE_Steve!). While Mirage's gameplay is fun, and another frame is always welcomed to the family, I suggest DE revert to a more serious atmosphere, where the Warframes truly strike fear into the hearts of enemies.


This is only the tip of the iceberg. Kubrows are a fun addition to Warframe, but they don't feel as serious as they should. This has been brought up before, but please read through to understand my perspective completely. The Kubrow idle animations have added to the now cartoonish feel of Warframe which I, like many, despise. I'm completely okay with them as a puppy; perhaps a certain breed could be brought about that remains small and always acts like the Kubrows do now. But when my Kubrow matures, I expect a bloodthirsty machine of war willing to snap the necks of Grineer clones at my command; not a puppy. Give me a feral Kubrow. They're vicious, and just what I want.


My suggestion: future Warframes should return to the more serious themes, and Kubrows should be reworked as suggested above.


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 4 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


An Introduction to Armor: Giving Warframes Individual Tutorials

Original Thread (By IAmTheWar): https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/284799-giving-warframes-a-tutorial-video/#entry3266521


When you first start Warframe, you are taught by the Lotus how to use the proper forms of battle; blade, secondary, primary, and power. When you craft your second Warframe, you are thrown into battle without an introduction to your new armor. Wouldn't it be nice to have something other than the YouTube videos on PlayWarframe's channel to give you a startup?


Solution: A brief tutorial level introducing a Warframe's powers and which mods they are affected by. This could be a level in the Mastery Testing area (initiated upon claiming a Warframe), where each Warframe's powers are examined. The Lotus tells you how to use the powers, you use them in order, what type of mods affect each power, and BAM. You're finished. This tutorial would take no more than two minutes, per Warframe, and gives a nice way to warm up the suit before launching into your first mission. 


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 9 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


Volume II: Additions


A Call for Help: Assistance GUI

Original Thread (By PublikDomain): https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/284777-assistance-alerts/


Ever gotten into more trouble than you can handle? This is the solution. The clan panel provides a way for clanmates to easily join existing sessions hosted by other clan members. What I suggest (with the aid of PublikDomain) is simple: another GUI screen, in which players can respond to requests for backup sent by Tenno in sticky situations.


To prevent a Mastery 16 from aiding a Mastery 1 and blowing through an entire level, players would be divided into tiers:


Tier I - Mastery 1-5

Tier II - Mastery 6-10

Tier III - Mastery 11-15 (16 also included temporarily)


Players from each tier will call for help from players in their tier only


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 5 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


Decoding the Enemy: Tenno Translator

Original Thread (By ElHefe): https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/284770-tennovision-an-in-game-grineer-and-corpus-signage-translator/

This is another way for DE to give feeling and emotion to the factions (Grineer & Corpus specifically). Often, whilst roaming the halls of a ship/base, text is written on the walls. If you're a lore hound like me, you've already read the text in the corresponding languages; most of the messages are gibberish, decoding to "Warning" and the infamous "Beecloud". While changing this text would require a retexture of the maps, it would be much simpler to add in screens and monitors (placed much like Arc Traps and Grineer regulators) which can be scanned using a Tenno translation device, and give backstory through the codex.


There are two ways I've thought of: a basic reskin of the codex, allowing basic scanning -or- an onscreen GUI which shows the letters in Corpus and Grineer, translated to Enlgish. The player can then click on the symbols which are presented on a monitor, and a hidden message would appear.


In summary: Add in monitors randomly placed throughout levels which can be scanned using something similar to a codex, and provide lore/backstory to each of the factions. This adds overall character.


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 6 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


Know your Enemy: YouTube Faction Profiles

This one isn't a big one; we already have Tenno profiles on the PlayWarframe channel. My suggestion is to add videos showcasing each faction, their beliefs and culture, and maybe even a glimpse into what their daily life might look like. This, much like my previous suggestion, adds character to the factions, and satisfies lore-hounds like myself. 


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 7 )" so your idea is easily clarified!


My Favorite Villain: A New Mezner

Ah, Robert Mezner. The mad scientist gone...even more mad. This villain from the original Dark Sector fascinated me. Oh, how I wanted to throw my glaive at Mezner from the beginning. A while back, I started a thread on which boss was most similar to Mezner. The answer came back Alad V. But with each response suggesting Alad V, the one who wrote the response always noted Alad was a joke of a man compared to Mezner.


While it may be too late to change the character of Alad, a future boss rework, such as Tyl Regor, could implement the madness of Mezner into Warframe which dS vets like myself crave.


Want to comment on this idea specifically? Start your comment with "( 8 )" so your idea is easily clarified!



There is no tl;dr. Go back and read, lazy schmuck.


Again, thank you for reading my thread. As more ideas pop up, they will be added here, so please, check back regularly! Thorough feedback is welcomed, to all of my ideas - positive or negative!





8/6/14 - Volume II: A New Mezner

8/6/14 - Volume I: An Introduction to Armor

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You made a new thread to advertise another thread that is an hour old? 

I made a new thread to advertise the new idea included in the thread that is an hour old!

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You made a new thread to advertise another thread that is an hour old? 

Inb4 the hide.

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Inb4 the hide.

Was I unknowingly breaking another forum rule? I tried to give them a good read after the first time...lol. Advertise is the wrong word...I'd make a new thread on this idea specifically, but I thought it more convenient to include them all in one thread :)

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I made a new thread to advertise the new idea included in the thread that is an hour old!

I would of just bumped that thread but I guess it is still in the top of the first page so that wouldn't of achieved much. 

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This thread just links to another thread with a bunch of links to other past threads...

Read the thread linked! It's a deeper exploration into concepts brought out by other community members, whose original posts are attached. 

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