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Huras Keeps Cloaking During Beam Weapon Firing


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I honestly thought for a while if I should report this or not. It's insanely OP and incredibly fun to abuse... but it's just that... abusing something. Instead, I decided to report this.


Simply put: begin firing a continuous beam weapon. Quanta or Phage work best due to their crazy good ammo economy. While continuing to fire, walk into range to let your Huras engage its cloak. Your beam will disappear, however, you will continue to fire and you can damage enemies. The cloak will not disengage, as it seems to only check for when you START to fire. Enemies will no longer fire at your position, but they don't seem to think you're "still back there" as they sometimes do. They will in fact actively throw grenades at you as well as though blinded by Prism or Radial Blind, but will not shoot at you.


Please feel free not to fix this any time soon. I quite enjoy my Invincibility Dog. o3o

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