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☠[Auction]Login Screen Kubrow Prints For Sale Lotus Print Sunika☠

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Very identical to the login screen Kubrow, face color patch is a bit gray instead of very white. I'll be leaving this auction for a week of this post creation. Highest bidder by the end of this auction. Happy bidding.
Anything below 400 is rejected.

Both imprints are now available.
Starting Price is 400 for both imprints.
Buyout/Insta-Sell: 900

Current Bids- 

Praedum- 900(PENDING:Wants to See In-Game First)
-Cam- 700 (Currently selling their own Lotus Prints to afford B/O)
Name: Fenrir

Race: Sunika
Body Build- Average Muscle
Height- Tallest Height





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