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Where's The Beef? A Super Story


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Day 1: I was back from my yog. When I entered my ship to leave earth I noticed that door was opened. I didn't put much attention to it. And continued to listen to my jam in my iLotus. (A bad singing is heard)"Me and Jessie n' Arie if they test me theyre sorry". I closed my ship and went to serve my self some delicious Kubrow O's. Suddenly I noticed I was out of greedy milk. So I went to the market to buy some. There I found Vor he asked if he can borrow my loan moa. I said it was in my ship feel free to get it. I returned home my loan moa was there with a note that said "Thanks Pal'". The Lotus stopped by to do the daily ship cleaning. So left with my girl Maggie. She really wanted to eat at SaladV's restaurant so I took here there while Lotus cleaned my ship. The next morning my kubrow started barking at my fridge I opened my fridge and gone all gone. They took everything the greedy milk, the KubroO's, my potatos and my beef no one messes with my Zanuka beef. Yes they took it but who?


Day 2:I invited everyone to a tea party. They all arrived. Hello everyone-I said. Someone sitting in this table is a thief. Keep down will ya? I am trying to watch Rhino Goslyn take his shirt off- said mom. I yelled back - I am 25 let me have a life. Bad move you see my mom Valerie(Valkyr) has a temper ever since our dad left us Nef Anyo shes been crushed. She yelled hysterically and started throwing punches with those long nails. She calmed and I sat her at the table. She was also a suspect. Hey I tought I said no more strippers- she said. Mom Maggie is my girlfriend. No I mean the girl who's hair got stuck in a garden-mom said. Who you calling a strippers you maniac fox- Lotus responded. Oh you wanna a piece of me? - Valerie yelled. Its on choco boat - Lotus replied. Ok everyone calm down I sat everyone again. Lets go inside. They felt for it they went inside and I had prepare traps to keep them here. No one leaves until I know who stole my beef. Gasp*they all performed this action as the sunset goed down.


Day 3: You will have to stay tuned

I give up ._.

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