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Aftermath Of My Guild's Fall...ready To Serve For A Respected Guild!


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Ooook i'll get to the point.


First of all greetings i am Cole, and a fan of this remarkable game...


Warframe has the brightest future among all other games since we just love being cool space ninjas and we just love being called Tenno!


I've been playing since i started, i mean i didn't take a break or anything i just kept being a pilgrim to the Universe


or you know... helping other players... :D


Second, a lil' about whats this ^^^^^


I'm really good at this and just love to fight with other Tenno together...


As the topic name suggests there Was an actual fall of a really old clan called the Death Circle, when i joined it wasn't huge as it was at its last days...I worked my way up, helping, collecting, showing the ropes to the new Tenno... and the Warlord noticed and rank by rank i promoted to the general :D ... sorry sorry totally out of subject!


Anyways i'm rank 9, i can give a full report about my armory and frames and prime collection.


IGN:Khazzadum   Dedicated and ready to serve a lfull english and mic set with skype,raid-call etc.


Name: Cole McErns


PS:If there is a lot role-playing here, sorry :D i was just wandering around the fan zone... it may have effected me ^^


                                                   Thank you for your time. Khazz out.

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