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Anything Notable About The Obex Or Kestrel?



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As things change so do the nuances of various weapons.  Because of that some of this may be a bit off-point, especially the stuff I say about the Kestrel seeing as it's been much longer since I've dabbled in Kestreling things.


The Obex is slightly faster than it's counterpart, Kogake, as well as having a slightly better Critical Hit Chance, however neither of those increases are a large one.  By contrast though the Obex has notably lower damage than the Kogake, however the Obex also has an electrical damage shockwave on its leap attack which stuns foes in a larger area.


Basically, the Obex is a weaker but more technical version of the Kogake.  Both work fine and are of the exact same weapon class, so each has its own unique flair and use without either majorly outclassing the other.  Random sidenote;  I'm a huge fan of Obex with the Grim Fury stance, energy pulse kung fu?  Yes please.


The Kestrel is a simpler thing, it travels less distance than it's counterparts but ragdolls foes instantly.  Again, it's a weaker technical variant amongst the thrown melee weapons.

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Kestrel is good for throws since it knock down dudes (explosion might as well, but not sure).

Obex is good for combos since it hits so fast w/ a crit build. Really good for Ash. Slide attack's good fir CC and some fun as well.

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