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[Auction] For Red And Black Sunika Imprints

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Here is my information about my kubrow if you are interested please reply with your bid for both or one imprint

the second imprint will be finished in about 7 hours , or you can pay to rush it, I'm hoping for bids


Body: Red Speckled with black


Legs: Red and speckled almost striped with black


Head: red and black, and ears are lined with white and two stripes semi visible of white


Ears : lined with white and two stripes semi visible of white


Breed: Sunika


Gender: Male


Coat: a bit fluffy


Build: muscular


Eye Color: purple


Starting price for one imprint : 40p


Starting price for two imprints : 90p


Contact me on my warframe or kik account cookieknife (its my personal account so please no trolling)


If you are interested


Place your bid below, tell me if its for one or both










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Regarding to previous post I'm agree withCesvela... you are highly unfair here. You not even gain much money... you did a unclear announce earlier but he bought it. And I guess he is agree with the buyout... so how could you sell to another guy?? You were hoping better prices you said? But your buyout is still quite low and you accept an instant sold the second time but not the first?

Well sorry to say but it sucks...

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