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Greetings From A Forum Observer


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So yeah, i've been here for a while, just haven't posted anything until this point. It's only after I realized that my WF account is actually linked with this forum that I decided to start posting something.


I'm just a decent player who started WF since its transition to Open Beta. Still, my playtime is irregular due to my lack of understanding towards the lore of the game as well as I have other things to do. I've just became an active player recently after I saw U13 highlights; I forgot when was it, but the launcher was updating to 13.3 when I opened it.


Still a level 7 mastery here, 7000 points left to level 8 (I wonder why it is such a pain to go from 7 to 8 >_>), only have 5 Warframes with more to add soon, and a handful of weapons and sentinels. Nothing much to fancy over here.


I'm from Malaysia btw, nice to meet you guys.

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