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Hello all,

So I've noticed some crazy fps drops from 80 to 10-20 from time to time... Also on almost every start of a mission it runs on like 15 fps as well. Since I've changed the display on borderless it got a little bit better but still not optimal. I've updated my drivers. I have vsync off and almost everything on low. Does anybody know what might be the problem? Is 1,2GB RAM Usage of Warframe more than it's supposed to? Here are my peripherals:

Processor: AMD A6-3670 APU 2,70 GH
Video Card: NVidia Geforce 9800 GT 

Thanks in advance.
Have a nice day! 

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i had a similar problem. i am not some IT guy, but what worked for me was removing all graphic card related software all together including the software that auto updates. then i installed the oldest driver i knew worked. i played with every setting you could think of and nothing made any kind of diff. hope this help good luck to you.

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