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Rework The Torid....


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Make it like its firing smoke grenades so you get this thick area of poison clouds that stay for some time before disappearing.


I question why you need to reload a living weapon, what? you feed it something for it to spew stuff out?


A straight to your ammo pool magazine would be nice.


plus if the spore hits directly make the target turn into a neutral infested enemy that dies eventually (like a lancer into a charger then dies due to DNA dis-stabilization for some time) and if it hits objects it spews clouds of smoke 2 meters wide for a certain duration and stuns the enemy going in the cloud by choking them so they stay inside the cloud for the entire duration of that cloud unable to move since they can't breathe and get a poison DoT proc + procs from mods.


I dunno if this will make it OP since you can use it to subdue heavies and finish them off with your melee or secondary but it will certainly make them unique by having a stunlock utility and the ability to turn enemies against each other by converting them to another faction 



Oh yeah and the poison cloud only affects enemies and neutral infested turned enemies.

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Bigger clouds and/or larger magazine + shorter reload. The weapon can't put enough clouds in enough places to provide good area denial; it takes a whole clip (and thus 6+ seconds of firing and reloading) just to somewhat cover a single large doorway. Either let us throw a helluva lot more grenades down so we can cover more area that way, or make the grenades cover more area each; one grenade on the floor ought to cover a small doorway, 2-3 for a larger one.

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