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Some Feature I Would Like To See On Kestrel/glaive


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After using Kestrel for a very long time, I decided to make some suggestions about it.

These suggestions are also for Glaive and Glaive Prime.



Please enable aiming while charging thrown melee weapon.

This should come in handy for players new to  thrown melee weapon.


2.Time limit:

Sometimes  thrown melee weapon gets stuck in the environment and doesn't feel like returning.

It would take very long time before it returns.

Please add a time limit. If thrown melee weapon fails to return in 5 seconds, it would simply teleport back to user.


3.Chain attack / Smart bouncing:

We've seen how Hayden Tenno uses Glaive. Glaive is not just a flying piece of metal but a smart weapon.

Thrown melee weapon should have certain chance to bounce to the closest nearby enemy every time it hits an enemy.

The chance for each thrown melee weapon would likely be:

Glaive: 40%

Glaive Prime: 50%

Kestrel: 15%


4. Staggering:

Does Glaive(Prime) staggers enemy on hit? If it doesn't, it should. Just like every other melee weapons.


5. Power Throw & explosion:

Please remove the explosion feature on Power Throw and make it a different mod.

I like punch through, but I don't want explosion on the last bounce.

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i would second the smart bouncing. i just built a kestrel and all the extra bounces are completely useless. it never actually bounces into an enemy. you can throw it at 2 enemies standing next to each other, it will hit one then bounce off walls.


the ragdoll effect is nice and can obviously be used to cheese a lot of fights, but for a usable weapon its just lacking. i am better off just shooting my primary than bothering with it. considering you also lose the ability to melee while its in flight just compounds the problem.


if it would actually bounce into more enemies instead of random walls then it would be outstanding for utility, but as it stands its just a cheese weapon for heavies. 

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oh and on his point number 2, i just did a mobile defense and my kestrel just disappeared into the environment before we reached the first terminal. so i got to play the entire rest of the mission without any melee weapon whatsoever. 


i really want to like this thing, but its getting pretty close to getting placed on a shelf. 

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imo kestrel should get the bouncing the most, to amplify its usefulness

also i agree for making punch through and explosions a separate mod, and make a nightmare mod that includes both of them maybe?

also homing mod when? who the hell uses + bounce anyway when theres no homing mod

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