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Wts Golden/black Lotus Sahasa Kubrow

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Hey Lads and Ladies


I have made a new thread because this pretty much is dead now and no one is answearing so.. Yeah 

Go check that out insted.


Another Awesome and brand new Kubrow for sale!

Black with a Golden Colour! The new Prime Kubrow! Athletic Build
Starting price: 1 Imprints 300 Plat

                       2 Imprints 500 Plat


Bids raise with 50 Plat each bid. Example: 300, 350, 400 ect...


Auction will end 10/8/2014 so in 1 day! 

Let the bidding games begin! 









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750p regardless of body outcome; if "tall and mucly" (as far as the circumstances for the 1000p bid, not sure if he means Athletic/Medium or The Fat Kind as some have different descriptions) If the intended offer was for tall and athletic/Medium body than 1100p is my offer

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