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Kubrow Pattern Mega Sale

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So i have been trying my hand at kubrow breeding to get some dear companions for Warframe. Some people expressed interest in some of the patterns of my kubrows so i figured i might as well sell all the patterns that i had available. Theres no starting bid on any of these so what you think they are worth. I will also not reply to any PM offers on these kubrows. If you wanna offer do it here in the thread. I also accept direct kubrow pattern trades.


If you got any questions feel free to post them.


Auction ends at friday 23:00. I live in GMT +1. I will also send a PM to a bidder if they won.

Anyway heres the kubrows:


Livor: Male Raksa, greyish blue fur colour with black lotus symbol and a black belly. 1 imprint. Currently held by -Cam- for 200 plat.




Elexis: Female Huras, light brown fur colour with black stripes and a sandish belly. 1 imprint.




Karma: Male Raksa, black fur colour with a copper brownish belly and eyespots. 1 imprint.




Erobuma: Male Sahasa, copper brownish fur colour with various spots of blue around the belly. 1 imprint.




Morrighan: Female Sunika, sandish fur colour with various spots of black such as dots or stripes. 2 imprints. Currently held by Jennibear for 50 plat.




Cydynia: Female Sunika, orange fur colour with black stripes and a black lotus symbol. 2 imprints. Currently held by Liu_Cypher for 175 plat.




Marshuka: Cant remember the gender on this one but i presume its female. Huras, light brown fur colour with black stripes and a black lotus symbol. 2 imprints.




Mist: Female Raksa, grey fur colour with various blue spots around the body. 2 imprints.


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Had kinda hoped for either a Sahasa or a Huras as i dont have many of those compared to all the Raksas and Sunikas i have. She has a good fur pattern but im not interested in her.

ah it's cool,  i feel the same about sunika and raska too, i have too many of those 2 kinds.


I'll be here to keep bidding though =) thx

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Updated the bids.


150 for Livor


Is there any Enddate/Buyout or do i have to kill all others bidding?

I currently dont have any bidout prices but your welcome to try if you want.

175 plat for Cydynia's imprint x2.


Also when will this auction end so I can keep an eye on it? =)



I added an auction end date.

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