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Wts> Mods And Prime Stuff

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Accelerated blast

arrow mutation

barrel diffusion


coolant leak

corrupt charge

critical delay

enemy sense

energy channel

fired up

flailing branch


focus energy

heavy trauma

hells chamber

hollow point

ice storm


iron phoenix

lethal torrent

malignant force

master theif

metal auger

natural talent

pistol ammo mutation

pistol pestilence

pointed wind

power throw


reflex guard

rendering strike

riffle ammo mutation


sesmic palm

shotgun mutation


split chamber

steady hands


stunning speed

sundering strike

tainted clip

tainted mag

tainted shell


tranquil cleave

undying will


virulent scourge

vital sense




prime parts:


akbronco prime link

ankyros prime gauntlet

bo prime ornament

boar prime barrel/bp/stock

braton prime bp

bronco prime barrel/receiver

burston prime barrel/stock

dakra prime blade

detron barrel/bp

ember prime chassis/helmet

fang prime blade/handle

frost prime bp/helmet/systems

glaive prime blade/disc

latron prime bp/receiver

mag prime bp/chassis/helmet

orthos prime bp

paris prime bp/lower limb

reaper prime bp/blade

rihno prime chassis/systems

sicarus prime barrel/bp



hopefully you find something you need pm me offers or just post here~ :D thanks for looking

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