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Kubrow-Mart Now Open For Business! Random Prints For Sale!

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Bidding Increments of 30 or more, If you'd like to see more pictures let me know in the comments below and i'll get some. All of the Kubrow in this post contain 2 imprints.


Bidding ends 2 days from now


1) Sinelle, Raska female - CURRENT BID - SOLD *

    Colors: Blue ears, eyeshadow, feet and tail tip. Grey body and black splotches

    Height: Medium

    Buyout: 150p










2) Victoria, Huras female - CURRENT BID - 250p from Dogsoup

    Colors: Pink/red with grey spots, socks and face.

    Height: Medium/Small

    Buyout: 350p








3) Bertoj, Sunika Male - CURRENT BID - SOLD *

    Colors: Brown with Black spots and a bit of grey outlines

    Height: Medium/Tall

    Buyout: 250p








4) Ruck, Sahasa male - CURRENT BID - None

    Colors: Grey with green head and blue stripes.

    Height: Tall

    Buyout: 50p






5) Boren, Huras male - CURRENT BID - TRADED  *

    Colors: grey with light orange/rusty spots and face

    Height: Tall

    Buyout: 30p








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Blue-grey camo with a whitish belly:


His parents had average height and build, so there's a chance he'll be the same. Let me know if you like it and I'll start making imprints as soon as he matures.

Sure. i'll trade for him I could mix him with one i have already. since it seems like it'd be a good match. just let me know when he is grown and we'll trade =)

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