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Suggestion: Colored Player Markers On Map


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What I propose is simple. Change the color of each player's map marker to match their energy color. This would help to distinguish who is who without having to actually look around for each squad member. Even if their energy color was black it would still be fairly visible.


The option to choose from various different individual map markers would also be advantageous. That way everyone isn't just a different colored lotus flower.


Now, the only slight flaw that I can see with this is that it might be confusing if someone's energy color and other colors don't match. For example, if an all grey rhino has black as his energy color. And I feel that the use of their abilities would help to nullify this but certain frames don't release much energy when their abilities are used.


To that end I suggest everyone give one of my other suggestions a read. *Shameless self promotion*




With Dynamic Aura Mods, distinguishing your squadmates would be nigh instantaneous if you have the option to match energy colors to your aura toggled on.


(I have indeed posted this before, but it didn't receive much feedback so I'm reposting)

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I vote No to aura mods.


As far as icons, you can just have random assigned unique colors for the player icon, and any active Auras can just be an aura icon that show up in your HUD, with the same color for the icon as the player.


The last thing I would want is MORE things for video cards to have to draw and need more horsepower to run, and we already have too many effects blocking vision and even more color around players would block even more areas when trying to look or shoot past them. Look at how bad it is when Corpus spam blue energy weapons, you can't even tell where they are exactly at range, to put bullets in the right place, because the brightness make it impossible to see them.


If you have them toggle-able client side, people would have them off to get better frame rates. You simply want to get your own "pretty" addition to the game that is cosmetic only and will not add anything to gameplay. At least removing or toning down graphical options help framerates, lag, and visibility.


Your way you would also likely have people with very similar energy colors every so often.


Also, DE gets nothing out of this, so what exactly is in it for them, other then tons of coding time for each individual auras? We play to shoot stuff, not look sparkly.

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You could always just do a super simplified icon of the specific warframe's basic helmet for use on the map. If you went multiple colors it might get confusing. Especially with the red, enemies show as red.


Though seeing the Lotus flower is very recognizable instantly as a teammate.

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1) I'd rather you have posted that to the aura mods than on here, as that was more of an afterthought.


2) The aura effects were meant to be toggleable for each client.


3) Don't hold everyone else to your standards. Let them speak for themselves. 


4) You know not everyone has issues running this game right? I have a laptop that can run the game on max settings with all graphical options on at 50-60fps so the addition of some extra glow wouldn't be such a big deal.


5) What did DE get out of reworking Valkyr's Hysteria visuals? What did they get out of adding the Liset? Both look cooler than previous iterations, but have not directly netted them any profit. If nothing else it draws more people to the game from an aesthetic perspective.


6) Don't @(*()$ tell me what I want like you know.

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