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Add Exceptions To Forums Search For Wf Specific Terms (Or Rename Vay Hek, Etc. To Something Else.)


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As per suggestion by [DE] Conner in the how to report bugs post, I did a search for Vay Hek bug, Vay Hek glitch, etc. But the way the forums are set up, I just ended up posting the glitch/bug, since I'm not going to go through pages of hits on the word "glitch." Searches usually returned this:


The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: vay,hek,bug


One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords.


Might be worthwhile to add commonly used terms and names that are 3 or 4 letters and apply directly to Warframe to some exceptions to the 4 letter minimum rule.

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