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Player-Settable Credit Challenger Pool In Dark Sectors


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Today the clan can set up a tax on Dark Sectors. I can't avoid it, I must pay for it no matter what. 


Today, if I dislike a tax I can only do two things:


1) not play there. Boo, one level of the game 'locked out' by greed of one clan/alliance.

2) play the next conflict to help the challenger. 


I want to do more. 


I want to be able, as a player, to set up a 'challenger donation' in my settings. Part of my money earned at Dark Sectors in non-conflict mode would go to the 'Challenger Pool'. It does not matter who will the challenger be. 


I should be able to set up a slider as high as I want. 


The owner and challenger of the Dark Sector should be able to know how much money is going in on average to the challenger pool. 


The challenger pool will be made availbe to the challenger once the rail finishes deploying.

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