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Why Is Warframe Doing This To Me?



So a helm alert mission came up today, and warframe has tried everything possible to make this impossible for me to get, first i tried inviting people to help me with it, all it said was unable to invite the specified player, to everyone i tried inviting, then i tried to do the mission solo bcz i knew i could, so when i clicked on it this happened... 


Why warframe, now i cant get that helm... Thats pretty mean.

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1. Most, if not all (as far as I know) alert missions are infested, so it shouldn't be hard to solo. Just get yourself Dual Ethers, or Orthos, and a speedy frame. I find Ash VERY useful for solo-ing the infested.

2. No one is joining the game, not much blame on Warframe for that...

3. Seriously, Swindle Helmet? Pull yourself together.

Edit: I re-read and understood that you weren't able to send invites. That happens to me, I just restart the game.

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