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Adding passive abilities too warframes


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So i was thinking that each warframe needed to be a bit more unique and adding in a small passive that applies to the whole team would be a good start!

(These are just some examples i thought off in no particulare order, please help me think of more!)


Slow health and ammo regeneration for whole team


Slightly increased melee damage for whole team


Reduced power cost of skills for whole team (Thank you Lionsbane for the feedback!)


Increased skill damage for whole team (Thank you Sikab for the idea!)


Increased stamina regeneration for whole team


Increased movementspeed for whole team


% Reduced damage for whole team


Increased acuracy for whole team


In my opinion the abilities should not be stackable meaning that teams would be encouraged to pick diffrent Warframes to play as.

(btw sorry if im writing this in wrong forum, wasn't sure on where to post it)

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Not a bad idea, actually. But you forgot Volt. Something like a minor energy recharge for the whole team. Or an increase to max energy. Or a reduced power costs. Something to do with power! :P

Not sure if this -should- be implemented or not, but hey, it's an idea definitely worth looking into.

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Doesn't have to be power regen, like I said. Could be reduced power costs, increased max energy, so on and so forth. Which, I suppose, would indirectly stack with Energy Siphon, but it still fits with the theme! Besides, this is just a random specifics ideas. The whole warframe passives idea is the core thing to contemplate and work with.

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Pretty neat idea. It definitely promotes teamming up with other players over going solo.

Maybe since Volt is electricity themed, you could do something along the lines of increased shield regen or shield capacity?

Just a thought.

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