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Warframe: Common Problems And Questions



[size=6]Warframe: Common Problems And Questions[/size]

This guide will attempt to list common questions, problems, and misunderstandings with Warframe and related services.
The questions are categorized by topic, click the "Show" button under a category name to display the questions and answers.


Q: How come I can't seem to match up with anybody?
A: When you click on a mission to run it, you have to accept to run that mission, then when it says "waiting for players" is when it pairs you with people.  Make sure that your matchmaking is set on public, and if you're in a specific part of the planet (Oceana) you may want to set your region to a more populated area.

Most star chart missions aren't that popular, people usually only run like 75% of the missions just once to get through them.  When you're pointing at a mission, the "Squads" number is the number of groups that are currently running that mission, so you can see what's popular or not.  People mainly do a small number of the star chart missions for certain things (farming a certain resource or drop, leveling, stuff like that) and tend to do void stuff otherwise.  Check the recruitment tab to see what people are wanting to do outside of the normal star chart missions.

Q: I'm doing a rescue mission and rush as fast as I can, why does the hostage keep dying?
A: Listen to Lotus and escort the hostage!  Rescue missions changed, the hostage is weaker now and will not move past areas with enemies on their own.  At least one player needs to stay with the hostage in order to kill other enemies that are blocking the hostage from moving forward, and to revive the hostage if needed.

Q: I'm trying to run this mission but it's been replaced by green infested stuff or red/blue war fighting and it's something different and I can't beat it, what's going on?
A: That's generally an invasion, though it could be another type of mission.  When you click on it, choose to run the regular mission if you need to beat that node to get past it.


Q: I can't build an Ak(whatever) or dual sidearms, why not?
A: If the two sidearms you're using are the only ones you have, then building that would leave you with no secondary weapon.  Go to the market and buy a Lato for 10K credits so that you have a sidearm in your inventory while the dual guns are building.

Q: I see players with all sorts of non-prime weapons, but I can't find the blueprints for these in the market.  How do I build them?
A: A large amount of weaponry is only available as clan research, unfortunately.  Join a clan that has research labs completed (or at least in the process of researching) and you can go there to buy most of the non-prime blueprints that aren't in the open market.

[size=6]Mastery Rank[/size]

Q: I ranked (x) to 30 and then bought a second (x), why am I not getting more mastery?
A: You only get mastery for a class of weapon once.  Selling it and buying another will not work, using a Forma to unrank it will not work.  Once you have gotten a weapon/frame/sentinel to 30 it's done giving you EXP, move onto other things.

For example if you raise a "Lato" to 30, then nothing named "Lato" will ever give you mastery again since you already mastered the "Lato".  "Aklato" will give you mastery though, since it's a different weapon model for you to learn and master.  Remember that mastery rank is a measurement of how much of the game you have explored and beaten, a measurement of mastering the game.  Using the same weapon forever is not mastering the game.

Q: Are there any other ways to get mastery other than weapons?
A: Frames and sentinels/Kubrow give mastery too (Kubrow only per-species), also beating new star chart missions to unlock progress gives you mastery experience.

Q: If I fail a mastery test, what happens to the extra mastery I get while waiting?
A: Extra mastery experience is stored, and when you do pass the test you'll see that the overflow experience is given to you once you do pass.


Q: Can I change my name?
A: Yes, see here for details.

Q: I used to play a while ago, can I reset my account again?
A: No, account resetting was offered once or twice in the past but is not currently an option and it's doubtful that it will ever be an option again because it could be used to duplicate plat.


Q: What can I trade?
A: Mods, keys, platinum, Kubrow imprints, prime blueprints/parts, and certain "special weapons".  You can only trade prime weapon parts (because you find them that way), not prime frame parts you've already built from the blueprints or completed prime weapons.  The exceptions are special weapons that come intact from Syndicates and the Void trader.

Q: Can I trade Warframe parts?
A: For Warframes, you can only trade blueprints of parts with "Prime" in their name.  Besides, most of the non-prime Warframes are easy to get anyways as they have a set drop from a set boss and thus would have no real value in trading.

Q: What do I need to be able to trade?
A: You need to be mastery rank 2 or higher, and one of you needs access to a dojo with a trading station in it.  If you're not in a dojo, generally the other person will be and can invite you into theirs to trade.

Q: I want to trade my platinum away but it won't let me, why not?
A: Any platinum you get for free (such as your starting plat, login rewards, or official contest winnings) cannot be traded.  When you spend plat in-game, this 'free' plat will be spent first.

[size=6]Gearing Up[/size]

Q: Should I Forma or use a potato/reactor/catalyst on (x)?
A: A potato gives up to 30 extra mod points, while a Forma can only free up about 12 points at max.  A potato will always do an item more good than a Forma if it has no potato on it yet, and a potato won't unrank the weapon either.

Q: If I Forma an item does it lose the potato/reactor/catalyst?
A: No.

Q: Where do I get Arcane helmets?
A: They are not available naturally anymore.  You'll have to buy/trade them from other players that already have them (players can still build them from blueprints they got and kept). 


Q: Why won't this fist stance mod show up on my fist weapons?
A: There's actually two types of fist weapons and two types of fist stance mods.  One type is for hands-only and labeled "Fist" (Seismic Palm and Fracturing Wind), and the other type is for hands and feet and labeled "Sparring" (Grim Fury and Brutal Tide).

Q: Where do I get Legendary Fusion Cores?
A: You don't.  Buy them from other players.  They were only given out once, and only to players who fully-ranked Steel Charge before the mistake in Steel Charge's levels was fixed.  These people lost credits and cores when Steel Charge was forcibly deranked, so these players were given a Legendary Fusion Core as compensation.  DE says that there are no current plans to make them available again.

[size=6]Leveling Gear[/size]

Q: What's the fastest way to rank up frames/weapons/equipment?
A: Go to a place that has a lot of enemies, and use whatever you're trying to rank to kill these enemies (or, as of 15.13, make streaks of stealth kills to get a big exp/affinity multiplier).

In Warframe, exp/affinity bonuses do not scale like in other games.  Two level 1 enemies are worth more affinity than a single level 39 enemy.  Since the amount of enemies is more important than the level that makes defense, survival, and interception missions some of the most popular leveling spots due to the large waves of infinite enemies.

When earning affinity from enemies, in general whatever you use to kill them will get the most affinity.  Read here for more specific information.

Q: When I do rep farms, I gain very little affinity, why is this?
A: If you are spamming your abilities to kill enemies, then all the affinity you earn goes into your frame because your frame is making the kills (not your weapons or other gear).  Meanwhile the affinity gained by your friends for being there is distributed normally among their gear.  The affinity you gain is divided among your gear based on the source of it, read here for more info.


Q: Once I join one, how do I get standing/EXP for it?
A: In the arsenel, go to your frame's "appearance" section and choose "regalia".  Place a syndicate's sigil on your front or back, then when you run any missions with that frame with that sigil on, it'll give you standing for that syndicate.  The earned standing is based off of the EXP/affinity you get in-game from killing enemies and such like normal.

Q: I stopped gaining standing, why?
A: You have a cap on how much standing you can farm each (real-life) day.  The cap depends on your overall mastery rank and rises by 1,000 points per additional rank.  You can see the cap at the top of the Syndicate menu.

Q: Is there any way to gain standing after I hit the daily cap?
A: Syndicate daily missions (which should unlock after you rank up) are 3 missions offered each day which give you a lot of standing, and this standing is outside the daily cap.  In addition these missions have hidden medallions in them, if you take the time to hunt these then you can turn them into your Syndicate leader at a Relay to get even more bonus affinity.

Q: How do I find medallions in missions?
A: Medallions are items a little smaller than a loaf of bread, hidden on the ground in missions.  If you have the Loot Radar or Thief's Wit mod installed, they show up on your minimap with the same icon as resources.  They tend to be in dead-ends, hidden on top of ledges and such, in general they're in places that require you to go off of the main mission path to find them.

Q: I have the item my Syndicate want as a sacrifice, why can't I rank up?
A: If it's not just a part, then they want the finished item (not the blueprint).  So for example if it's a helmet, you need to build and claim it first.

[size=6]Stalker / G3 / Zanuka[/size]

Q: How do I get marked by an assassin?
A: To get Stalker marked, kill bosses.  To get marked by Zanuka Hunter, do invasions and side with the Grineer.  To get marked by the G3, do invasions and side with the Corpus.  For invasions it actually has to be Grineer Vs. Corpus, infested exterminations do not count.  You'll know you got marked after a mission if you get a message in your in-game mailbox.

Q: How can I tell if I'm currently marked if I forgot whether I killed them or not?
A: View your own profile in-game, it's at the bottom of your main info.

Q: How do you get an assassin to show up in a mission?
A: Run lots of missions with other people who have the same mark.  The assassins will show up within the first 5 minutes, or not at all.  Note that not all assassins can show up everywhere, for example none of them can show up in boss missions, and G3/Zanuka can only show up in missions against their base faction (so they will never show up in normal void missions).

[size=6]Dark Sectors[/size]

Q: I ran a conflict mission but at the end got no battle pay, why are they allowed to bait like that?
A: Once a clan/alliance sets battle pay, they cannot change it until it runs out or a couple of hours have passed.  What's actually happening is that other people are completing their runs faster than you are, and so are claiming the reward.  By the time you finish there's nothing left in the credit pool to pay you because payment is done when you finish the mission, not when you start.  Pay attention to how much reserve is left before you take a mission to avoid losing out.

[size=6]Packages / Sales / Old Items[/size]

Q: Will founders and Excalibur Prime and such ever come out again?
A: No, never, do not even ask or make a thread, it will not happen.  DE explicitly sold the package directly for money, telling and promising people that the items contained within would never be available again.  If DE were to make these items available again through any method, they'd have a lawsuit on their hands.

Q: Will some of the older event-only mods come out again?
A: Yes.  DE has stated that all event items and mods have a chance at coming back later somehow.  We've already seen a number of sets of old event mods come back, being added to the drop tables of new things (like Cicero mods being added to Corrupt Vor).  Event-reward mods are the most likely of this category, though we do see retired weapons coming back for short periods now and then.

Q: Will Prime Access items ever come out again?
A: Every prime piece of equippable gear is available in-game from the moment it shows up in the Prime Access packages.  However cosmetics and other types of items, badges, and things like that may be PA-only and won't be obtainable in-game... though they do have a chance to come back in a later Prime Access (specifically noted in the FAQ).

Q: Does a platinum discount from a login reward apply to Prime Access purchases?
A: No, it does not.  That type of discount only applies to buying plat normally.


Q: Sometimes when trying to load into a mission with certain people, we get an automatic fail at the beginning, why?
A: As of U14, the key user and the host are not always the same person, but the key user still has to be in the mission.  If the key user is the slowest loader and thus the last to load into the mission, the mission will fail because it sees the key user is not there, so it will not allow the mission to continue.  This also applies if the key user disconnects in the middle of the mission.

To work around the first problem (loading in slow), if the key user is on an older laptop or something and has loading issues, tell them to load into the mission by themselves, and then once they are in they should invite the rest of the players from the in-game chat interface.  If the problem is the key user disconnecting in the middle due to internet issues, consider having them trade the key to somebody else to use.

Q: I went to 25 in a survival/defense but I didn't get a prime part, what gives?
A: Void drop table mechanics changed.  Endless missions are on an A-A-B-C rotation, so the rarest stuff is now at waves 20, 40, 60, and so on.  Wave/minute 25 is where the drops reset, so wave/minute 25 picks from the same item pool as wave/minute 5.  Check the official drop thread for specifics.

Q: I play survival/defense hosted by somebody else and we keep disconnecting at 20 or 25, why?
A: Chances are your host doesn't pay attention to the updates and is disconnecting on purpose when they don't get the reward they want.  I still see lots of people that don't know that the wave rewards work differently, and that nowadays survival/defense/interception keys are used up the moment you're offered your first reward, to stop people from key scumming like this, running multiple missions without using any keys.

Q: I disconnect from survival/defense if it doesn't give what I want, why does it still eat my key?
A: See above, and stop trying to cheat the system.

[size=6]Warframes / Skills[/size]

Q: Will there be different genders for frames?
A: DE tried this initially (Nyx is actually a female version of Excal's model) but decided against selectable genders for existing frames for various reasons.  DE has stated that they would not be against making opposite-gender alternatives to existing frames, but these would be separate frames with separate powers.

Q: Is it true that no frames after Vauban will be primed?
A: No, according to DE "any frame is eligible to be primed", it's just that the older frames are a higher priority.  The rumor that DE will not prime anything after Vauban's creation was a misunderstanding of another statement.

Q: Trinity's Blessing doesn't make me invincible, what sort of bug is this?
A: It's a balance change.  Blessing now grants damage reduction based on how damaged the player was at the time of casting.  This was done so that blessing becomes a healing ability instead of a prevention ability.

Q: Why does my Nova's ult no longer work?
A: It still works, but it is not instant, and it is affected by duration (for how long the effect's wave spreads for) and strength (for the speed and damage change on enemies).  Change the way you mod accordingly.

Q: Why does my snow globe vanish before the timer runs out?
A: It has health now.


Q: Why do updates on the PS4 and XB1 take longer to come out?
A: The PC version is the initial version and gets the most unstable updates.  After that, DE needs to make a build for the consoles and then send it to Sony/Microsoft for testing, after which Sony/Microsoft will spend some time testing, then either reject the update if they find major bugs in it or accept the update.  Even after they do accept an update, it can take a day or so to appear on the system and start being available for download.  This means that, unfortunately, the console is almost always a few minor updates behind the PC version.

Q: Can I copy/move/migrate my account from PC to the consoles?
A: Not normally.  Copying your account to the PS4/XB1 was offered before, but only for a limited time.  If plans to allow migration again happen, you will see it in the Warframe news.

Q: Why doesn't DE allow us to migrate any time we want?
A: DE doesn't run Live/PSN or have control over those account systems.  DE needs the cooperation and permission of Sony/Microsoft, and those two do not like migrations (they would rather you start over and rebuy your stuff on their network where they get a cut of the plat).  If you want to bug somebody for migrations to happen, bug Sony/Microsoft.

Q: Can I copy/move/migrate my account from the PS4/XB1 to the PC version?
A: No, and no.

Q: If the PS4 uses OpenGL then that means Warframe can do OpenGL, so why isn't there a Linux or Mac version?
A: Contrary to popular belief, DE states that Warframe does not use OpenGL on the PS4.

- Changes
2/6/2015 - Changed the trading section to mention special weapons.  Updated leveling info with chain stealth kills.  Expanded Syndicate info with current rep caps and medallion hunting basics.  Expanded assassin info with common mistakes (trying to hunt G3 in the void and junk).  Added info on Void key user disconnects and a workaroiund or two.  Clarified the migration issue to note that it's not soemthing DE can do any time they want.
1/26/2015 - Extrapolated the standing question, added the blueprint/built helmet question, updated the "rep farm no weapon EXP" question with a little more info, added info on the PA items and plat discounts... and added a title and spoilered the sections because this is getting pretty big now.
1/15/2015 - Changed the answer to the invasion node question due to 15.10's addition of the ability to choose which mission you do on a node.
12/28/2014 - Updated/fixed the console migration links, again.  Added region info to the matchmaking question.  Added the "Leveling Gear" section due to repeated misunderstandings I see nowdays.
12/11/2014 - Updated the PC4->PC migration source link to the current valid zendesk article.
12/1/2014 - Changed some answers due to updates (death marks), simplified the migration info, added syndicate section.
10/22/2014 - Updated more migration questions with source links to the support site.
10/11/2014 - Added a source for a statement on founder's gear.
9/8/2014 - Updated the Legendary Cores section with a source.  Added the PS4/XB1 section.  Tweaked a little wording in the void key use question.  Corrected some assassin info based on new findings.  Added the info on priming existing frames.  Added the bit about invasions.  Added the bit about clantech weapons.
8/28/2014 - Updated the bit about Kubrow imprint trading.
8/20/2014 - Adding links to the FAQs for some citations and further info, added the "Account" section, added the bit about Legendary Fusion Cores.
8/18/2014 - Clarified the trading section about warframes versus primes.
8/10/2014 - Created, then immediately updated with some feedback on the first page.

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Very nicely done.


although I would like to humbly suggest an addendum to the first question in the Stalker / G3 / Zanuka category, and that is that infested invasions do not count, or you could state that the player must fight against the chosen faction to garner the attention of that assassin.


probably could word that better than me though >.<

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OP, send a PM to [DE]Drew and ask to be added to https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/150607-player-guides-tips-apps-useful-websites/.


Also Forma add at best an effective 8 mod points and the wording is a little awkward since they don't add points at all.


And ranking a Lato won't prevent you from getting mastery xp from a Lato Prime, Lato Vandal, or Aklato. Wording's a bit awkward there too.

Edited by Darzk
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Adjusted the wording as suggested, and mentioned that infested invasions don't count.

As for forma, you could be formaing a mismatched polarity away to a matched type for a mod, thus up to about 12 points of difference in the best case.

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I've added a number of questions, concerns, and source links since the last time this thread was posted in (two months ago looking at the timestamp above), so I'm giving this a bump so that people can check it out and chime in again with suggestions and corrections.

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Alright, it's been another ~2 months of updates done since the last post so I'm bumping this for visibility and more sets of eyes on it again for feedback/corrections.


Is there any change I've missed?  Does anybody suggest/have source links for some statements I have unsourced?  Are you or do you know a newer player that had some questions this missed?

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