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Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

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only a small fraction of the playerbase possess the snipetron(s)

And that doesn't change the fact that you can still modify values for the weapon.


The change to the Grakata is laughable. Maximum ammo does not solve any of it's issues.

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only a small fraction of the playerbase possess the snipetron(s)


Yeah, but there's still people who do posses them, and I can bet there's enough where there's going to be outcry if there's not some change to them.  I love my Snipetron Vandal, and seeing it lose out to the VULKAR like that is just bad thoughts on DE's part.  Plus, they could always re-release the Snipetron as a vault weapon.

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Seeing a sniper buff makes me a little excited. Although, when I scrolled down I was a little disappointed.


I like the Lanka buffs, I don't really have much to say about those in particular. Building for status or crit are now different options to consider.


As far as the Vectis was concerned, I always thought of it as a "done-in-one" weapon. So what's the point in adding status chance if the primary appeal of it is the big numbers on headshots? The reload is welcome though.


I find the Vulkar buffs warranted, although next to the Vectis, a little disappointing. As it stands, Vulkar is widely considered to be the worst sniper in the game, sometimes even the worst weapon in the game (Spectra vs Vulkar death battle to come). Although, the only thing the Vulkar had that other snipers didn't really have was a decent status chance (tied with Lanka's). However, increasing Vectis's status to 30% just makes the Vulkar seem even more underwhelming.


To be honest, I was actually hoping that the Vulkar's buff would be an increase to 30% status chance. Its current status (teehee) in the game, is that of a proc sniper, but really, the Grinlok has a better status chance and better fire rate (also it comes with a polarity). I feel like Vulkar's role as a weapon is to be inferior to other weapons, which is a shame. Maybe the damage, reload time, and clip size might let me take off fast hands and replace it with "better" mods to use. We'll see how it turns out.


Vulkar's crit chance is still 20%, making critical builds doable but not as enticing as it would be for other snipers. It'd be nice to have a 25% base crit chance, but maybe that's too much.


To offset some of that negativity, the clip size and reload speed increase are welcome, just as long as the Vulkar maintains the ability to complete a reload 3/4 of the way through the animation.


As one of five people (probably) that use the Vulkar and have formaed it more times than common sense would allow, I have a bit of love for the weapon's design; its sound and design feel oddly satisfying to me. It'd probably be one of my favorite designs next to the Snipetron/Lanka. I offer some criticism based on some experience and care for its usefulness.


To be honest, I still doubt that the Vulkar will be used any more often that it is now. Some people might try it out, but I think that the reload time to damage ratio is still too high for most.

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i agree they needed an ammo nerf but wow that is a little extreme, i mean 50 should be a reasonable number but 20 wow that is extreme to me even though i do not use those as much as i used too, hopefully it will be adjusted a bit higher, depends on how many complain i guess.


just did the math those 540 ammo nerfs were about a 96% nerf

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Actually ok



Overnerfed (increase to 30, it will make a deal somehow)



Dead since Damage 2.0, and this is just... i don't even



see. "Ogris"



Normal Att. - Ok

Charged Att. - Nice






Less painfully to level up



Charger Att. damage increase when?


Afuris, Dex Furis, Dual Cestra, Embolist

Total ammo increase to Akzani level when?


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I've never used launchers much to begin with, but this is a bit harsh.

I felt there was a certain skill needed to efficiently use these weapons in any normal mission, EXCEPT during ODD when you would spam a Vortex-meatball with explosives... but that isn't the fault of the weapons, but the mechanics that allow you to bottleneck enemies and easily kill them.



YAY!!!!! PvP will actually be fun now!!! :D



I sure hope PVP balance wasn't a factor for this change.

That's the reason a lot of people didn't want PVP.

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I agree.

But even then it would not be able to solve the issue against masses. The only solution would be to either give them an ability to do AoE in some way or to have hard CC utility to buy tons of times. There really isn't much way around the issue. But I agree, even then bows outshadow in every area and are just as practical as snipers are.

Sure one could argue with the charge right? Yeah but bows are easier to handle too and more rarely miss than snipers with the zoom function and unpredictable movement patterns. Am I right. So why would anyone still use snipers over bows. No reason other than personal preference but that is not enough to give them a reason for most players 

Bow's crit chance and crit damage multipliers mean that you can safely squeeze in a speed trigger to make the charge time negligible and still do massive damage.  Imo they should give snipers a massive buff to weak spot damage on top of the basic buffs they're doing already.

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I wouldn't call that an important change for the Grakata. It seems to be just an afterthought. I was actualy doing fine with it's ammo pool, but it's nice seeing a raise for it.


As for the launchers. Why is the Torid getting an ammo nerf but no damage buff? It's still one of the least used weapons in the game, so you just made it worse, unless you also added some buffs for it.

One important question though. Will launchers still use rifle ammo?


Finaly for the sniper rifles. Well i'm not sure if any of these changes will really make them more used or usefull. Just a few minor buffs, but no true reason to use them over faster firing weapons or bows.

Also you left out the Snipetrons. I know both versions are currently "limited edition", but now we are left hanging if they get a buff too or stay the way they are?

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