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Pluto Alert Not Giving Reward

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I brought a couple buddies to the Oceanum on pluto for the alert that gave 22,000 credits and the blaze mod. Everything went fine until afterwards when we only got the usual drops from the mission and pluto 3600 credit bonus. No 22,000, no blaze. 


- The alert popped up around 6:30pm EST

- After finishing the mission, all alerts, completed or not, all vanished from the navigation.

- When I re-logged all the alerts reappeared. Re-running the mission had the same effect.


Hope this get's fixed and doesn't happen again. Thanks DE!

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did you make sure the mission was accurate to the alert type?



meaning if the alert mission was infested and exterminate....did you make sure the mission you entered was infested and exterminate? as well as matched the level range of the mission posted?




currently the matchmaking system screws up from time to time and lets you join the normal mission even though you clicked and voted for the alert mission

^hope that makes sense


example: alert = infested + exterm lvl 10-20.....joined mission that was corpus + capture lvl 5-10



i had to run the mission 2-3 times in a pug because it kept putting me into the wrong mission

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Are you sure you didn't get the mod? I ran that alert but the Blaze mod wasn't in with the mods I picked up during the run. It was in the left side of the rewards screen where the resources you grabbed are listed.

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I had the same problem, had to do it solo, since with a squad i wasn't even able to do the correct mission, it said on the star chart that the faction was infested but with a squad we were dealing with Corpus.

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