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4Vs4, Or Nothing.

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I have been dealing with this problem recently in conflicts, when you start a attack alone, your missing teammates are replaced by spectres.


Now, the problem is, when players join the defending team, their spectres dont dissapear, they keep spawning, and i cant confirm it, but i even think the attackers's spectres THEY dissapear, leaving you alone aganist 9 players or more (spectres/defenders). This becomes a pain in the @$$ to deal with.


I suggest to make DS conflicts unable to start until 4 player have joined in each team, and removing spectres at all (or at least just 4 spectres playing as bots), so before starting to fight, players can prepare before, for example, the defenders have an ash with a marelok (i need to make another suggestion to the accuracy system, that malerok's aim its a lie.), so if we bring a banshee we can detect him and make his invisibility useless thanks to radar. This is an example of how to make the pvp more cooperative and balanced.


Since the pvp on conflicts reminds me of a moba style game, this should make players think about what equipment to bring, instead of going "hog-wild" penta. (Loki + Switch + Castanas = better than those d00ds) And making pvp matches more balanced.


If anyone has a better or another idea similar to mine, feel free to post it.

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I admit, this is problem. I was thinking about this yesterday. It's just unfair that you can get flanked by four fully sapient frames, while there's only one or two of you in a squad. Kinda makes things a bit... difficult.

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