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Framerate Drops? High Cpu Loads? Cpu Overheating? This Might Fix It! (Cpu Core Unparking)



Hey everyone,


It seems like a lot of people are starting to experience some performance issues with the game, and I thought I'd make a thread to address said performance issues as well as provide what seems to be a way to fix it (as well as improving your system's performance for games other than Warframe too).


The (possible) culprit, spoilered because it's a bit lengthy.

CPU Core Parking


In Windows 7 (and Windows 8) there's a built-in feature to the OS called CPU Parking; this feature is designed to balance the power load and decrease power consumption by your CPU by limiting core activity. For normal (non-gaming) use this has no effect on applications and performance, however for high-power computing as well as gaming (especially since more games are being designed for multicore machines) this is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot; in some cases it's tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot and then dipping said foot in a vat of infectious bacteria. This is because physical (and logical cores if hyperthreaded) are parked and unavailable for use by multithreaded applications designed to run across multiple cores, and forcing a multithreaded application designed to run on multiple cores to only run on a single physical core causes a multitude of performance issues due to how threads are scheduled as well as how the CPU handles all of the extra processing (it can make your CPU overheat!).


Warframe's multithreaded rendering option is specifically designed to drastically increase performance on multi-core machines, however if it's enabled and Warframe only has access to 1 physical (and/or logical) core due to the others being parked, then you will likely suffer some pretty severe performance issues (one user's PC was blue screening because the PC force shut down due to one of their cores overheating). To fix this, your cores need to be unparked.


Unparking your cores is easy, and it can solve a multitude of performance issues you might be having, there's a nifty how-to guide Here, or you can follow the guide on this thread.


How to Unpark your CPU Cores

    1. Download the Unpark CPU Utility and unzip it somewhere (like your desktop)

    2. Run the .exe file as an administrator (right click > run as administrator)

    3. Click "Check Status" and wait for it to complete (image below)



    4. Click "Unpark All" after the check finishes if any status reads "Parked"



    5. You're done!

        5a. Make sure you have "Multithreaded Rendering" enabled in the launcher!

              5aa. Enable Threaded Optimization/Multithreading in Nvidia/AMD GPU control panels!


Give Warframe a try afterwards to see if this helped improve your performance or solve performance issues you may have been having.


Multithreaded rendering will yield a MUCH better performance boost if your cores are unparked.


If this worked (or didn't) work for you, please feel free to comment on this thread.

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