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How To Improve Quests, Goals And The System


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.:DISCLAIMER: Any one of my "How to" posts is a mere suggestion based on personal opinion  as to how DE can change certain things :.




Hey guys,

I am sure many of you are as excited as I am for the questing system and its future, well because it is a nice break from RNG and they are cinematics often giving lore.

Now, as many systems and changes in this game, the quests and the system it is based on needs some improvement.



Small thing but soon we should get a forum category focused on quests, for now it's fine



I know the UI team said that the quests being in the Codex is fine for now and maybe right now it is fine.

However if we are to get lots of more quests and general long term objectives, the system needs its own little area.


Additionally, it needs to easily display active quests, side quests, major quests, finished quests, "hidden" quests (ones you do not want to do), failed (?) quests and repeatable quests. As well as a provide a clean layout allowing you to easily browse quests through a list and on the side quickly view done/to do objectives.


Not much to say here, except for a concept to be shown but I can't really be bothered right now.



Major Questline

I played various MMOs and single player RPGs and one thing they all have in common is that despite having lots of quests there is usually always at least one major quest line that takes a long time to complete but that quest line guides you through the entire game, not holding your hand per se but simply pointing you in the right direction at crossroads.


I mentioned this before in some other post but only vaguely.


The game should provide a major quest line that can be constantly added onto and basically leads/categorizes certain quests that are designed to guide you around and show you certain things.


This can be anything such as "Path of the Tenno" or "The Road to Grandmaster" and it should begin with the first quest being the current Prologue and to then continue on to various other things.

-Howl of the Kubrow and Hidden Messages should be separate from this




For the most part this is very well done except for a few small things:

1. When choosing your weapons it should pause the game so you are not rushed into picking one (enemies firing at you constantly)


2. After finishing it just kind of left you hanging with no directions as to what you should do next :/


<will edit with more things if needed>



Hidden Messages

This quest is really nice but I feel like it is too simple for its own good, it is (again) a missed opportunity.

Main issues

-The time between the acquisition of each of the parts/objective needs to be removed

-Quest overall is fairly boring

-Really odd start, feels very out of place

-Riddles are also out of place for Warframe


Initial Start

Now, instead of having the messages there in the first place. I say that it should be placed in an Orokin Derelict mission with 100% chance drop rate from a Grineer there if you have not got it already, lore-wise it makes more sense and ties in with further advancements.



These riddles are very interesting from somebody who loves Greek history/mythology however the main issue is that they are extremely out of place and it is really odd for a game to require you to search online for information in order to advance.


That said, you should be guided as to what they refer to. Ordis could say "Hmm, master these riddles seem to be related to the ancient Greek history and mythology. My knowledge on such things is limited however."


Step 1, the blueprint

For this part as it is the first mission it should be a hijack mission but it should be more carefully done.


Suggestion: Kela De Thaym to be sent on the same ship to guard this artifact as it is the first and most important piece that ties it all together. You can avoid her, but once she founds you she will pursue you as well as swear death to you.


If you do it stealthily, she will send a message:

Ordis: "Master, an encrypted message is incoming"

Kela De Thaym: "Tenno, I have no idea how you managed to deceive me. But mark my words, by the twin sisters I shall have your head before the planets align" <-tying in with some Greek stuff


If you do not avoid her (you cannot kill her, merely knock her unconscious not waking up the whole mission)


Step 2, the helmet

Along with the blueprint there is also the riddle for the helmet.


Here it is the second step as well for the Grineer, you should find the whole mission is Grineer again.


Step 3, the systems

Same as it is now.


Step 4, the chassis

Similar except another combined boss fight with Kela and Krill.

"Is this the petty Tenno you told me about?" -Krill

then both charging at you, each dropping a key required to open a case for the chassis to be revealed.

This mission is mixed between Grineer and Infested except for the end where the bosses are.



<|>It is possible to find Kela in any one of these missions randomly, with same mechanics as in the first mission.

"(player name), I have found you."


<|>Across the board difficulty should be majorly increased



Howl of the Kubrow

from: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/278994-kubrow-feedback-megathread/

Am I the only one who feels like this quest was sort of just tacked on? I love the questing system but this quest needs to be improved in order to make the acquisition of the first Kubrow much, much easier. So things to change:
I think the location of the quest starting should be moved to a different place.
Uranus seems like a good place because of the boss, Tyl Regor.
"Tyl Regor is the lead researcher in Grineer gene repair. He was targeted for assassination to stop his research from undoing the Grineer's genetic deterioration."-Wiki
This means that Tyl Regor is suited for beginning the quest due to him working with genetic deterioration. Yes this also means that the Kubrows will be locked much further away from new players which I cannot say that it will be a bad thing because of the maintenance costs and such it will do them good until they learn the economy of the game better.
It is too easy to waste time and resources on Kubrows if you don't know what you are doing.
Difficulty and Quest Steps
The quest's difficulty really should be ramped up and there needs to be more quests so it feels like something new is being revealed to you rather than the Lotus being like "Ohh did I forget to mention? Yeah you have an incubator on your ship."
Step 1, discovery
Upon killing Tyl Regor, you receive "encrypted messages" which you then take back to the ship where Ordis would scan it and reveal the information to you, about a new programme using Kubrow genes and modifying them.
As well as a code: KGTR101  (Kubrow Genes Tyl Regor)
Step 2, more information
The Lotus then says "Interesting, I will conduct a further search into this."
Then after a short while "Tenno, I have found an encrypted transmission, it began with KGTR101 but it cut off before I could fully de-code it. I put the co-ordinates of the location of the transmission on your navigation panel.
This is where you do a spy mission to get more information
Step 3, breaking news
The Lotus will then tell you that Tyl Regor experimented with Feral Kubrows from Earth. You should take a further look into this by going on Earth (do a spy mission there) to find out more.
Step 4, discovering the power core
"Tenno it seems that using these power cores you are able to use the incubator for the development of a sentient being."
Step 5, the data module
Ordis will tell you that he needs a data module to have access and assist you with the incubator.
The Lotus will then say that she will ask around with Darvo then showing up.
He will let you know where a Grineer ship has such module however you will have to do something for him (multiple objective mission).
Step 6, the egg
During the past mission The Lotus will tell you that she found a transmission about a Grineer ship carrying their first egg from Earth.
You will have to intercept it and in this step you will receive the egg. The mission's difficulty should be very hard however, as this is precious cargo.
Step 7, the collar
This mission is the last and should be the most exciting one.

"The current defense mission feels a rather odd choice for getting the collar. It might be better, to have an Interception/Raid/(Exterminate), from a storytelling point of view. Lotus tells you, that the Grineer found an Orokin artefact and that it has some connection to the Kubrows, but she doesn't know where they took it. So you'll have to intercept their messages to find its current location. You then break into the facility, try to make your way through it with as little noise as possible (since you have a slightly scared Kubrow with you), get the artefact - and maybe clean out the place, since you're already there."-Bibliothekar
The mission begins with you and the Kubrow doing an interception mission as the Lotus tells you she will intercept the message to find the location of the Collar.
Afterward you are driven to a certain location (Raid-type mission) to get the collar for your Kubrow.(entering cinematic) At the entrance of this place is a Grineer sawblade running towards a terminal, you run towards him tackling him down and the Kubrow jumps on him to finish the kill.-This pushes out the Avatar-like tradition "The first flight seals the deal", in this case You+Kubrow+Grineer=Carnage.
After receiving the collar you end the mission with an exterminate.

All of these will make the quest more meaningful and memorable because right now it feels like there might as well not be one due to reliance on RNG.
When the quest ends The Lotus will inform you that if you want more eggs you can go to Earth.


I understand why most of the quests except Prologue are simple, because DE did not want to invest too many resources in case the quests received bad response. I just hope that they get improved and we get more quests now that it is shown that quests are loved by the community.


I am not sure how many of you have played 9 Dragons (Martial Arts based MMO, really old but at the time great fun). That game had quests for lots of things which kept you busy as well as guiding you through the game, if you knew what you were doing you would not be slowed down but if you didn't you were slowly guided through the game with reasons and very little confusion. The quests there also gave you purpose, gave you reason to hate the opposition and drove you to be the best as well as help others climb the leaderboards.



What do you guys think?

Of course it is all up to DE as to what they want to do with this system, but it has a lot of potential alongside the RNG aspect of the game.


<|>Will edit with more stuff if needed! ^^


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