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Team Vs Team vs Env.


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I just had this idea, where u could implement Clan vs Clan fight at some point...

basically u have a map where 2 different teams start at the opposite side of a map.

u can heave different goals, like cleaning up an area or hack into 3 different spots(each team has 3 different spots), or just survive the longest...

and the fastest team to achieve the goal and leave the ship would win. if u lose a teammate u lose points, and u would need to be a complet team when arriving.

At some point into the map u will be able to run into ur enemy team but u cant attack each others, it just to give some pressure regarding to see they are over there too. (on the areas where u can actually meet, bigger waves should be incomming to help blocking teams onto that area, so its harder to just run thro ... etc)


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